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26 December
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Hello! I have had this lj for many years and I thought I should finally get round to updating my userinfo, hahahaha.

Interests below, obviously. I am always willing to talk about UK TV so if you want to leave a comment on a 3 year old entry I will probably respond.

I have an open friending/defriending policy, but I have a terrible memory and don’t check my flist details very often, so if you do friend me, a comment would be nice :D

I post fandom ramblings and fic, occasional book ramblings, occasional film ramblings, recs less often than I should, recipes and photos. I love end-of-the-world scenarios, be they zombies or vampire takeovers or cosy catastrophes (see Jericho). I am always months/years behind on US TV and the fandom projects I want to finish. My WIP list is ridiculous. I love AUs, which is partly why my WIP list is ridiculous.

As well as watching a shedload of TV, I make cards, jewellery, write fic, enjoy cooking and am just learning to knit. I am currently attempting a photo-of-the-day project which has just this week stalled as my camera has died. Helpful.

I live and work in London and I am a little bit obsessive about it.

You can also find me on the internet in these locations:

http://hestia8.tumblr.com – fannish tumblr
https://twitter.com/hanlondon - twitter
http://hanlondoncards.tumblr/com - cards tumblr (for display purposes)
http://hanlondonjewellery.tumblr.com – jewellery tumblr (for display purposes)
http://en.dawanda.com/shop/hanlondon - my card shop (will be cards and jewellery soon)
http://metropolithan.blogspot.co.uk - my photo blog, mostly London photos but also other places I have been.
http://emptylondon.tumblr.com/ - the oft-mentioned London-without-any-people photo blog

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