Hestia (hestia8) wrote,

Short rant

Note to IC:

It may have occurred to you that you are supposed to be there to aid and train me in contracts (not that there’s been much evidence you’re even awake, let alone capable of telling someone what to do). It obviously hasn’t occurred to you that unless you tell me that multiple contracts from Supplier X have to be split, I WON’T KNOW and therefore will happily send them out as one, as this (as far as I know) is the only supplier where this happens. If you were waiting for me to seem apologetic or upset, tough luck. I’m not a funking mind reader.

And exactly what did you expect me to do? If the managing agent is unhappy with that, he’ll send it back and tell me. If he’s not, he’d be signing both anyway, so what’s the problem?

Is there a colleagues_suck community or similar? Everyone’s pretty funking miserable at the moment. Even K’s talking about punching someone.
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