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Ok, *cannot* get pictures to work so have added as links (only 3, the rest of the pictures are in the main album). Someone please explain to me how they post pictures as I have fokllowed the instructions in the FAQ and they're still not showing up.

All the pictures from the image galleries I saved as jpegs and put here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hestia8 Sadly not in albums as I’m trying to figure out if I can get away with downloading flash on my work computer. Have fun, icon makers. Also, let me know if you want any specific screencaps as I shall probably do various bits and pieces (*cough309cough*) anyway.

This is the DVD. Note the really, really ugly yellow cover (and yes, it’s a very bad picture, but look at the ugly yellow). NB, you could just go and look at this in the shops, because they are of course now available from all good stores (and a few crap ones, probably).


But fear not! The ugly yellow comes off, and we get to see the lovely Spooks looking ever so classy (though somehow Tom still manages to look angsty). Sadly my picture of this was all blurred, but I’m pretty sure it’s one of the shots from the image galleries (see link above).

And the discs look rather nice too. Someone please tell me I’m not the only person to appreciate the look of the actual *discs* as well as the packaging?

And there’s a new menu!! This one involves a man wandering about looking shifty, and it’s a bit weird, and then he opens up a briefcase (on a conveniently placed bin, of all things) like so:



And then we choose our episodes. Most of the commentaries are writers/ directors/ producers, though DO and OS do put in an appearance (307/305 & 8 respectively). Sadly, no NW on 309 (damn. It.). No NW at all, which is a bloody shame, as her and RM were damn entertaining last time.

There are also featurettes on Adam and Fiona, RPJ and OS, various things about writing and directing, a couple of things on the directors, something called Resolving Series 2 (which I haven’t watched yet but I have a faint hope that it will explain the whole North Sea thing), and something about Series 4.

Ruth’s Cat Newsflash: NW said that the cat was in episode 5 but had to be cut!!! (sadly this scene does not turn up on the deleted scenes)

In the featurettes, RPJ is interviewed outside (complete with sunshine, kiddy noises and bird noises) and everyone else in inside. And on the 309 featurette, no-one mentions the totally blatant and obvious Ruth/ Harry love going on in that episode. GAH. Actually, all the featurettes concentrate mostly (some of them exclusively) on the main story, which is a bit of a shame as some of the really interesting stuff goes on in the background.

So after looking at various bits and pieces this weekend, I’m now really worried about the presence or lack of a R/H relationship in S4. On the S2 DVDs, there was lots of chatter about the R/H relationship, whether they were in love or just friends*. And on the S3 DVDs, there’s bugger all. there’s also a lot less interviewing of Nicola Walker, which is terribly depressing for me.

Ugh, the featurette for the Dreaded Rock Star Episode has them trying to justify it and *failing*. Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.

Um, and here, for people who read my last Spooks fic (Danny/Adam, for those of you who didn’t) is the transcript of a 307 deleted scene:

(Danny is sitting at a table outside a bar with a drink. Adam comes and sits beside him)

D: What is this, are you stalking me?
A: Don’t flatter yourself, you’re not that attractive.
D: That’s not what I hear.
A: Perhaps they’re just referring to how beautiful you are on the inside.
Waitress: Hi, what can I get you?
D: A restraining order.
A: I’ll have whatever he’s having. Seems to be working a treat on him.
W: Ok, coming up. (walks away)


Danny is being his bitchy self from that episode. It’s a great scene.

Hey, the tube-like station in 301 is Heron Quays DLR. Sadly enough, it really does cheer me to know this.

*though the biglong trailer does have Harry saying to Ruth something about needing someone he can trust, so I’m sure I will get moments to squee at.

In other fab UK tv news, Waking the Dead is being repeated. I think this means the new series will be on soon :D Also means I have to set up the video machine with Sky.

In other *really bad* tv news, the Elliebitch (Esther Hall, Tom’s girlfriend in S1) is going to be in WTD. BUGGER. Still, should make the recaps from me more interesting.


*is ded from squee but will resurrect in time for series 4 and then die again*
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