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 Ok so I completely failed to make notes for a few episodes, and then I knew I had to rewatch but didn't have time, blah di blah, but now I have rewatched! And made notes! And have no excuse not to write fic! 

Spoilers for episodes 7 - 10 below. 


I really did not get anywhere near seeing Alvis/Dutch in the first series, but I have to say, it does work.

I like Sabine a lot.

  • D’avin fucking the 6 out of Sabine is still a bullshit development but in retrospect it is hilarious.
  • “You’re my brother and I love you, but maybe you should think about holstering that thing’.” HE HAS A POINT
  • Also could D’avin not have searched for a pulse? Come on, D’avin.
  • I am soooooo over Dutch hating any conventially attractive woman that is interested in D’avin or Johnny.
  • I love Turin, I really hope he comes back again.
  • Sabine killing Creepy Phil was amazing.
  • “So, the cure for Sixes is banging D’av?”
  • Oh, D’avin
  • “I had the winning combo. Strong enough to survive the physical transformation, broken enough to survive the mental.”
  • I think Dutch doesn’t quite understand the word protective, if she thinks she’s being protective of them.
  • Given the time Johnny has to fulfill the warrant, shouldn’t he be off doing that post haste? (NB the warrant didn't get fulfilled and nothing came of it, so whatever, that was obviously handwaved)
  • Sabine and D’avin had quite a cute relationship, it’s a shame they were barrelling through the plot so quick she was only around for one episode.
  • Jelco: still a massive dick.
  • Johnny’s plans are terrible.
  • Some excellent fights this episode, as ever
  • “You’re the walking dead only no-one will let you die.”
  • JOHNNY :(
  • This cube thing is just odd and still doesn’t make any sense. How else would she have found the safehouse? Why would Khylen just leave the safehouse like that???



  • Oh come on, he didn’t abandon you. And how come it’s ok for you to go off script and do stuff but not anyone else, Dutch?
  • Oh, eff you, Dutch.
  • I really do not understand Dutch’s reaction here (except to move the plot bits into place)
  • “That’s dumb, I would never say that.”
  • I <3 Turin
  • Oh, D’avin
  • Pawter <3
  • Jelco: still a total dick
  • Dutch’s plan: also terrible
  • “You’ve been using human skin as a bookmark. You know that’s creepy, right?”
  • Ahhhhhhh I love siege storylines.
  • “Maybe it’s in the food.”
  • Alvis is really unhelpful, hahahaha
  • “You know, monk me up a bit.”
  • “That was a regal scream, okay?”
  • Pawter <3
  • “I’m tired of hearing about your dusty junk.”
  • In retrospect, the Old Town thing is super obvious and no less creepy for it.
  • “You have terrible luck. Seriously, so, so shitty.”
  • Oh Pawter
  • Given that it was blatantly obvious that the monk would think Dutch was Aneela, WHY didn’t they work this out beforehand? SURELY they didn’t think that going ‘it’s fine, I’m totally not her’ was their best bet?
  • Oh, poor old Arune.
  • Was anyone shocked that it turned out Aneela was Khylen’s daughter? Anyone?
  • Oh GOD, Jelco is SUCH a dick
For some reason my bullet points won't work past this, OH WELL. 



“You know I still would, right? You, me, blaze of glory?”

Pree <3

“Either Jelco hangs today, or you do.”

Watching this back everyone is thinking far too small.


Did Johnny and Pawter get married or engaged? I was really expecting something more to come of it.

Dutch isn’t really in much of a position to talk about people putting other people in danger tbh

“Yeah, well, my asshole’s bigger than his asshole.”

Oh, fuck off, Dutch.

“Johnny made his own decision.” THANK YOU

Fighting AIs \o/

“These things have been in motion since before we were ever born.”

“Even if you save this one town, you can’t save all of Westerly.”

“Every war needs martyrs.”

Oh Pawter, your plans are shit. Also, nice ruthlessness you’ve got there.

Literally how did it take this long for them to figure out the Company was making Sixes????

So is Springhill right next door to Old Town?

I like how there have been consequences for actions this series but bloody hell, I wish they wouldn’t speed through them so fast.

“It’s just, we’re not baked goods.”

While this Dutch/Johnny scene was sweet, I’m starting to feel super bad for Johnny having to deal with Dutch’s expectations the whole time.

Delle Seyah \o/

She’s so brilliantly dodgy.

“As long as I have a home, you have a home.” Awwwwwww

Ohhhhhh Delle Seyah <3

Ahhhh this scene was so good.


Although rly, letting him go? Fancy, don’t let your plans be terrible too :(



Killjoys 210

Khlyen’s such a creep.

I love that they’re using physalis for the creepy Six-inducing fruit.

Also I know I keep saying this but MY GOD, everyone in this show makes terrible plans.

Poor Johnny :(

“What’d I miss?”

I do wonder what knowledge Fancy has of any of the stuff that happened on Westerly. I suspect it’s very little (coughwritingficcough)

I’m glad that Dutch finally has Johnny’s back without strings but I wish it had happened before someone died.

I am starting to feel super bad for the Black Root, who just have no chance to do anything.

“All of us together, one glorious suicide mission. Who’s in?”

So Aneela went insane, and Khylen then decided to bring Dutch up as a replacement?

The Nine ancestors: also useless at planning

“Your people worship a mystical tree, you really can’t see the connection?” hahahaha

“Sorry, genocide over iconography.”

So if Delle Seyah wants to go through the program, does that mean she’s not yet a Six?


“I didn’t hate what you did there.” <3

“Accept it, Jaqobis, I’m physiologically superior now.”

“You’re a Six, not a ten. Simmer down”

Khylen did manage moments of being an entertaining bastard, but he’s still a creep.

“That’s the Green. It tries to perfect the organism it invades.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell everyone you died sexily.”

“Stop enjoying this!”

“Too late! Human shield, bitches!”

I honestly do not get why Dutch is so bothered about Khylen. HE IS A DICK.

So basically Khylen was absolutely fine with Aneela being evil until he saw Dutch and then he tried to make up for it...by training her to be a Six. NICE ONE. I mean, that’s a shit plan, but also, he’s a massively self-serving dick, why be upset?? Good flipping riddance.

“I’m not ready to let you go.” Despite having spent six years hiding from him??? FFS.

Faaaaaaancy no :(

Also I don’t think you needed to cut your hand that much, dude.

“You don’t have to forgive someone to miss them.” Oh, alright, whatever.


“I am not a hero. I just loved her.”

So she can’t be a Six, because of the Sixes being un-Sixed, but she looks pretty cheerful there for someone being shot. Bulletproof vest?

“No, Lucy, I did something. Something unforgivable. I don’t even know if I’m sorry about it.”

“You gotta let me go, girl.”

Awwwwwww no :(


So pleased she’s back!

“Holy shit, you’re cured?”

“Matter of opinion. Let’s just say I’m a regular asshole again.”

“I don’t want to win just one battle. I want a whole bloody war.”


Overall, I loved this series but I wish they’d let some of the plotlines breathe a bit more - Pawter being framed for murder, for example, didn’t really go anywhere as she was killed so quickly after it happened. I am very excited for s3 though, especially as there may have been some seeds sown for Fancy to be more involved (and possibly do more hate-flirting with D’avin, that’d be good). And hopefully Pree as well, he was amazing this series.

I also liked Dutch less and less over the course of the series, mostly due to the way she acted any time there was an attractive woman who wasn't her around Johnny or D'avin (and it really didn't come across as protectiveness), and also I just do not get why she was suddenly bothered about Khylen when he hadn't done anything to warrant it. I understand having complicated feelings about people, but she'd spent six years avoiding him and was terrified of him turning up with a red box last series, this series he keeps lying and manipulating and then only when he's in a corner does he give a (really weak!!) explanation of why he did what he did. What reason was there for her feelings to change?
 I haven't understood this since I read a quote about it before the series, but I tried to go with it in the hope it would make sense and it just didn't

ALSO, poor fucking Aneela, her Dad played God and drove her insane and it wasn't until he saw her double that he actually did anything about it and EVEN THEN he was only good to the double, not her. I mean, it should be interesting next series, but poor her. 

I really hate Khylen, you know.

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