Hestia (hestia8) wrote,

Killjoys 206

 So much good in this episode! And then wtf was that ending? 

> No Fancy this week (booooooo), but it was mentioned that the green stuff can control things (or something, I watched a few days ago) I'm still going with the theory that he's not working for Klein under his own steam. 

> Asteroid ship!

> Nanites can make you immortal! And lead you into the cliche immortal plotline of everything being so boring after a couple of hundred years, but who cares, IMMORTALITY. This series is really giving me all my fave tropes. 

> Poor Dutch, with that backstory (although are we sure that was the true story? I'd have expected her to make something up to not give him the satisfaction but it seemed to be treated as if it was real)

> That's some impressive poison, to have stayed on the strings that long. 

> Lucy getting a body! And kissing Johnny, OF COURSE. Also great. 

> Johnny really enjoying all the technology stuff is AMAZING. I love him so much. 

> Why did immortal guy think there was any chance of Dutch staying? 

> Ugh can you tell I'm avoiding talking about the end? 

> Preeeeeee <3

> Onscreen confirmation that there are other spoken languages! I had figured there must be (obviously, as it was in my fic) but nice to get it confirmed. 

> Still liking Pawter a lot

> LOVED the Scarback mythology developments, and oh GOD, cutting yourself to prove you're alive? ALL MY FAVE TROPES, YAY. Time for my obligatory rec of The Thing, I think: watch The Thing, everyone, it's perfect.

> Ugh, so, the end of the episode: WHAT WAS THAT? With the way the sex scene was going on so long, I could tell something was going to happen (as could everyone, I think), but as soon as his dick touches her, green goo starts coming out of her eyes? Are we sure this actually happened and wasn't a hallucination? Surely it means she was a plant or something - I just can't believe anyone seriously wrote a scene where D'avin's dick is lethal. It was ridiculous.

> Also, poor old Sabine. No development and then death by sex. What a lack of effort they put into her. 

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