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Kiljoys 204/205

 Bit late with this update, so let's see what I can remember. 


> I am loving Pawter this series, although I did think it was maybe a liiiittle too convenient that she was kidnapped by someone utterly unrelated to the rest of the plot. 

> it's a shame the episode wasn't zombie schoolchildren as per the trailer, I was looking forward to that. Still a good episode though! Just not one with zombies.

> I don't understand what Khlyen thought he was doing by sending the broadcast to the school, even if Delle Seyah was supposed to be there - if it affected the boy (it was 2 weeks ago, I've forgotten his name) in the pod, she wouldn't have been in the pod, so was it supposed to go somewhere else? 

> Fancy was in this episode, hurrah! My main theory is still that he's being mind controlled in some fashion, but I would like some extra info. I just don't get why he'd be sticking around otherwise (if the whole Level 6 thing was against his will, which seems to be the implication) 

> Delle Seyah Kendry also in this episode, woo! And flirting with Dutch, hurrah! I know I keep saying everyone is great this series and should be in it more, but she is great this series and she should be in it more. 


> More Fancy! And fighting with D'avin (in Khlyen's body), YAY. Still going with my mind control theory (although someone on tumblr suggested him being undercover, which could work but  don't know when it could have started). 

> BODYSWAP yes thanks, all the tropes please

> I thought both their parents were dead but in retrospect I probably got that from a fic.

> I enjoyed the stuff with Pawter's family (although the boyfriend character was a bit pointless) and I loved that she was smart enough and ruthless enough to chop off her sister's arm to save her life. And that her sister wasn't entirely useless. 

> I'm restraining myself from going on about Fancy because I have lots of feelings and not enough concrete information, aaargh. 

> Oh and most importantly, it looks like I was right about D'avin being immune because the two super sekrit soldier enhancement programs were so super sekrit they didn't co-ordinate, hahahahahaha. 

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