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Killjoys 202 and 203

Forgot to post about Killjoys last week so here are some rambly thoughts on the last two episodes. I'm loving this series SO MUCH, and am overjoyed at how some of the worldbuilding is being filled in.


1) they got to go inside Old Town! I'm always up for a cordoned-off city plotline (I am, in fact, watching Containment RIGHT NOW) and it was nothing new but I will always go for that kind of plot (scarcity of resources! Descending into violence! etc etc). Just add some zombies and I'll be happy forever (entirely possible given how things are going).
2) I found the non-reaction to Pree being a warlord a bit weird, to say the least. I kind of hope it comes up again just because everyone seemed so flipping blase about it.
3) Pree is still excellent, however. I really like what they're doing with some of the side characters this series.
4) I was very sad that HIlls was killed as I absolutely loved his interactions with Pawter.
5) Jelco is a complete dick, HOWEVER it turns out he was also a complete dick in one of my favourite episodes of Spooks (he kidnapped a guy and got people to vote on the internet about whether the guy should be killed, it went about as well as expected), OH MY GOD this has made my day, I'm not even joking.
6) No Fancy this episode, boooooo.
7) Yay, Turin isn't dead! Quite grumpy though (although fair enough, really)


(this one was the one I wrote the day after watching, you can probably tell)

1) Someone finally confirmed that there are other cities on Westerly, HURRAH. I had been wondering what the set up was as the main action is in Westerly Old Town but in S1 there was no real indication that there were other cities or towns on the whole moon. Oh yeah, and this was because Jelco wants to put walls around all the other cities on Westerly :/ (so much fic I want to write!!!)
2) Dutch might possibly be a clone????? Or was this just a hallucination? I wonder if I'm reading too much into that 'us'.
3) No Fancy this week, booooooo. (I would like some Fancy just so I know whether to carry on with certain fic ideas)
4) Creepy unkillable bug things that cause hallucinations this week, fun times.
5) D’avin definitely seems to be a repellent for the green goo/bugs/level 6 stuff and I really really hope this is due to the experiments done on him before because the idea of two evil military conspiracies experimenting on people and failing to co-ordinate with each other amuses me. It would be a pleasingly mundane explanation instead of him being super special (it is possible this is the answer, as Dutch is the ~special one~)
7) Pawter was AMAZING. Jelco is still a dick, this week a dick who imprisoned her with an anklet that would blow her up if she left the compound. However he has a heart problem that he wanted her to help with (draining fluid) so she drugged him, drugged his guard and then got his blood on her surgical gloves so she’d have his DNA to take the cuff off herself, and then she fixed to his heart...thing (some sort of frame around it? IDEK) so now he cannot leave the compound, hahahahahahahahahahaha (NB she then unfortunately got bashed on the head just outside by someone unknown, but well done Simms, you tried!!). SO GOOD. 
8) Dutch and Alvis almost kissed this week and I did not see this ship coming but I am on board with it. Dutch/D’avin was boring anyway. Also they’re pushing Johnny/Pawter quite hard which I’m not quite so on board with. I would like a little bit of Johnny/Fancy interaction at some point if at all possible. 

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