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TV update! - I'm only going to say this once
Twice, if I have to go to court

Date: 2016-01-11 21:08
Subject: TV update!
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Tags:luther, tv
 I've been meaning to update about Luther since it was on, so here's a quick run through of some other stuff first:

a. 100% obsessed with KIlljoys at the moment, update coming soon, I LOVE IT. 
b. Silent Witness came back last week and was SUPER DUMB.
c. Gave up on Jericho 20 minutes in, was boring. 
d. Endeavour is ok but just background noise. 
e. Have yet to try out War and Peace. 
f. Watching The Last Panthers (Sky Atlantic); enjoyably international but generally a bit daft, taking itself very seriously. 
g. Did I mention Cordon? SO DUMB, but I enjoyed it. Sooooo dumb. 
h. Deutschland 83 is excellent, and it's nice to be able to watch something in German. 
i. And finally, Musketeers will not be on until some time after March W T A F. 

With that out of the way, East London Misery Hour Season 4!

I always feel obliged to give a caveat when I talk about Luther, especially as these days I try not to spend too much time on super grimdark shows. So, yes I'm aware it's grimdark, yes I'm aware it's still pretty dodgy wrt women getting horribly murdered. AND YET. Every time I watch this show it's like someone's dug right into my mind and worked out exactly what I want to see onscreen. 

I haven't watched it for a couple of weeks so in lieu of coherence, here are some random comments:

Episode 1

> I was determined - really sure - I was not going to have Ripley feelings AND THEN he showed up briefly in flashback and I had ALL THE FEELINGS. Oh Ripley :*(

> I love John living somewhere that is literally crumbling apart around him. Oh John, you overdramatic bastard. 
> The murder scenes were super horrible and creepy so let's gloss over them. BUT THEY WERE SO ICK.
> One of my notes just reads 'NOBODY IN THIS SHOW CAN PARK PROPERLY'
> Darren Boyd has such a lovely melancholy air about him, I always like watching him. Of course me thinking this while watching was the cue for him to get blown up so that was helpful. :/
> John needs an outlet that isn't being threatening or violent. 
> John's plans are TERRIBLE. 

Episode 2

> I repeat, John's plans are TERRIBLE. Leaving a gangster dude chained to a radiator? NO WAY that could go wrong. 
> Didn't the syndrome that the the guy was suffering from come up in Hannibal? 
> I love love love weird possibly psychic plotlines. Even when they're in a show that I know won't go down the psychic/supernatural route. 
> I really liked Rose Leslie, shame she wasn't in it that much. 
> John is always so tired, it's exhausting just looking at him. 
> I enjoyed the gangster plotline more than the murder plotline, at least the gangster plotline wasn't insanely miserable. 
> I wasn't entirely keen on the resolution to the Alice thing, although blatantly Alice is off either being a) not dead or b) a vampire (look, I've been thinking about this a lot, haha). 

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