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I have 'On the Floor' by JLo stuck in my head :( - I'm only going to say this once
Twice, if I have to go to court

Date: 2011-05-04 16:02
Subject: I have 'On the Floor' by JLo stuck in my head :(
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Tags:radio, tv
There are far too many films that I want to see atm, people:

Thor (probably going on Tuesday, I want to see Idris Elba on the big screen)
Source Code
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec

I’m sure there’s another one I’ve forgotten.

I also watched to the end of series 1 of Fringe (I will try to make an update about it at some point, but yes, AMAZING), rewatched Doomsday with Bex & Brett (it’s still amazing, Eden Sinclair still rocks, I have to finish screen capping it for a picspam at some point), and watched Scenes of a Sexual Nature which was British, starred everyone ever (there was ONE person I didn’t recognise in the whole thing), and was ridiculously twee. It was basically all the clichés about London film-making (SUCH a London film, it actually got tiresome) in one handy package. Not worth it.

(I have a bet with myself about the person who wrote it, I think they directed it as well – I have to look them up later to check if I’m right)

Sometimes I think that long period where I didn’t have Flash on my work PC was the best thing ever, because it means that I got into listening to BBC Radio iPlayer instead of listening to episodes of It Takes Two (when Strictly is on). There is SO MUCH stuff on there, honestly, I just keep emailing links to people.

(current highlights:




Also over the weekend I watched Vera and Case Sensitive, and there is an entry coming about those. Everyone else in the world seems to have watched Exile, but I think I’ll catch up on that at the weekend when I’m over at the parents.

Oh, and we’re up to ep 10 of Engrenages, and everything’s kicking off just a bit. The last two episodes should be pretty damn good.

(at some point I watched The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, which was very good, and half of United, which was great as I was watching with my Dad who not only remembered the team and the players. but also the politics surrounding it all)
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profshallowness: Push Nick/Cassie
User: profshallowness
Date: 2011-05-04 16:36 (UTC)
Subject: Without being too spoily
Keyword:Push Nick/Cassie
I've seen three out of the four films that you list - and I will go to see Hanna as soon as I can. I'd rate them in this order: Source Code, Adele, Thor, but they're all entertaining (Thor has quite a few funny on purpose bits, YAY!). The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec is so very REFRESHING. When would you see a female lead in a film like that from Hollywood?
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User: hestia8
Date: 2011-05-20 12:46 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Without being too spoily
Thanks for this! I have now managed Thor and Hanna (AMAZING), and I might manage Adele during the week. I'm going to see Attack the Block on Tuesday, and I think Source Code will have to wait. What's going on with all the good films at the moment?
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profshallowness: True Grit Mattie and LaBoeuf
User: profshallowness
Date: 2011-05-22 17:03 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Without being too spoily
Keyword:True Grit Mattie and LaBoeuf
What's going on with all the good films at the moment?

We've come out of the doldrums. Straight after the Oscars, when all the 'awards worthy' films (YMMV) have come out, the studios release dreck, but things do pick up towards the summer. Not all the big releases are good, but some prove you can be entertaining without insulting the audience's intelligence.
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