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And I was thinking of life without me, I know, I know it’s just a tragedy

I love that line. Girls Aloud, who should have won best pop at the Brits, which I really enjoyed. Also Chris and Billie aaaaaaah. Good bits: Tash Bed and Daniel, SHIRLEY MANSON (!!!), Franz of course, Scissor Sisters, and Muse winning best live act:

“a big thank you to Matt our singer who’s in the kingdom of Bhutan or something, probably becoming a Buddhist right now”


I’m writing this as it’s on, so forgive me if it just sounds like it was all good, but so far it is. Yay Green Day. OMG Will Young *tries and fails not to drool*.

Love the way Chris Evans mentioned that Jodie Kidd is a single-handicapped golfer. I could have gone for any of those pop acts. I think I’ll just come out right now and say I LIKE McFLY. Except for their first single. The video for Room On The Third Floor *rocked*. And the drummer’s cute.

Ugh, Joss Stone. Never mind, I flicked over and caught a funky Dizzee Rascal song on TMF. Unfortunately, at about this point Claire phoned to squee about Mr. Muller so the rest of it kind of passed me by… (though JOSS STONE best urban WTF? Slightly posh teenager from Devon urban? EH?)

Things that went right this morning:

Didn’t oversleep
Had clothes for the day ready
Mostly finished packing
Charged phone
Put batteries on charge
Found everything I needed.

Things that went wrong this morning:

Milk was off
Left cash to change into euros on bed
Missed early bus
Trains had been cancelled
Missed second bus
Third bus did not arrive till 8.45

Luckily boss is letting me go at 4.30 (with half hour lunch, bah ) and I can change my money at New Eltham. I hope. If all goes well, I’ll just be able to draw it out while I’m there (or pay by card, which would be woosome), but I thought I’d take some with me.

I hate being a control freak. Or, rather, I hate it when I’m doing things over which I have no control. Like when we went to Paris, Claire and Rachel organised it all because they had the internet, and it’s the same this time round. I’m trying to relax, but it’s bloody hard. Passport and YHA card are in my rucksack though, so with them, phone and money everything else is incidental.*

Got two new tops in QS yesterday, woo :) Forced myself not to buy a jumper in black, red or purple so it’s pale blue. Apparently it may snow in Cologne this week. Also we’re going to see Mr. Muller. Claire had not yet stopped hyperventilating/giggling (bit like me at the sfx thing with Michael Rosenbaum) I finally get to find out just WHAT is wrong with Swiss chocolate (omfg the chocolate, people. Tomorrow morning I’ll be eating German chocolate in Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I was going to do a meme or two, which is rather unlike me. Oh, what the hell, I’ll do this one anyway:

1- Pick five people who you could conceivably 'do' right now. No invented people, no dead people, no 'were attractive in their prime but not now' people. If they're on your list and you meet them tomorrow, you can do whatever dirty deeds you want with them and whoever you're with isn't allowed to get mad.

2- Who would you put on your list? In which order?

1. Vincent Cassel (of course)
2. JC Chasez
3. Smithy on The Bill (can’t remember his name right now)
4. Antonio Banderas
5. Alex Kapranos

Do you have to have a paid account to update by text? I might get a bit of net access so watch your friendspage for entries saying OMG CHOCOLATE!!!! Or OMG NORDSEE!!!! Etc. It will be me, or rather my inner 5 year old that doesn’t get out very much. Hey, I’ve got my exclamation marks back :D

Oh, and you know XD? I’m guessing it’s like eyes-squeezed-shut-with-big-grin smiley, but does anyone else read it as the letters?

Omg omg omg Germany ELEVENTY ONE, people! *hyperventilates and falls over*

If this is the length of the pre-holiday entry, what on earth is the post-holiday one going to look like??

*wonder how many times I have to say this to myself before I stop worrying about forgetting something?
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