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June 9th, 2016 - I'm only going to say this once
Twice, if I have to go to court

Date: 2016-06-09 20:52
Subject: Emmerdale, Killjoys
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Tags:emmerdale, killjoys

Emmerdale thoughts from yesterday:


God, Emma is the WOOOOOOORST. I was quite amused by Bailey dropping Emma in it, but he's still fucking awful. And so is Emma.

God I hope James leaves her properly.

However!  Lawrence and Ronnie flirting over a digger being in gear was great. I don't want Bernice to be sad but it is so cute. 

Also, Chas' bed is amazing. 

And today:

Fucking Emma. Literally why does anyone in Emma's family ever, ever trust her with anything? Oh boo hoo, Emma, just fuck off. 

Oh, poor Chas :( (don't go to Emma for help! She's the WOOOOOORST!)

Oh, Bernice :( :( :( 

Oh, Lawrence, DUDE. Duuuuuuuuuuuude. 


How are Joanie and Zac going away on holiday when they have zero money and this has recently been a plot point? Why/how can they just dump Kyle on Cain when he has basically no relationship with the kid??? What is wrong with the people in this soap??

I have literally no clue why James even likes Emma, let alone reckons he loves her. 

"I'll do anything for my family." REALLY, EMMA?

Jesus, and I thought I couldn't hate anyone as much as I hate Dr Bailey.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?? Why is she staying, OH GOD? What is wrong with James? 

Fucking hellllllllll, Emma.

OH FUCK OFF, LAWRENCE. Bloody hell, I am trying to be sympathetic, stop being a shit to Bernice.

In other TV news, Killjoys is back on the 1st of July, OH MY GOD. I can't wait (although I am not on board for at least one of the developments). I have yet to find any mention of Fancy even though the end of s1 clearly suggested he would be involved, and now I am quite worried he will just not be back and then I will be very, very sad. Pleeeeease don't let him be killed offscreen. I did read something today that said there is a bit of a time jump in the new series, so maybe he's just off back out in the world or something. 

Oh bugger it, just found out I've missed New Blood, I'll have to get it on iplayer. 
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