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May 14th, 2016 - I'm only going to say this once
Twice, if I have to go to court

Date: 2016-05-14 22:14
Subject: Killjoys fic!
Security: Public
Tags:fic, rl

Let's not talk about how long it has been since I posted fic, ok? But here is my first Killjoys fic:


We don't measure the blood we've drawn
He has nothing to do but wait for Fancy Lee to wake up.
Gen, post 1x10

Apart from Killjoys stuff I've been writing terrible Emmerdale drawerfic in my head, so just be glad I've posted something half-sensible.

I have also posted an ad on fivenights.com, but it hasn't been moderated yet. However if anyone's looking for a room to rent Mon-Fri in London, check out the Greenwich listings on the website from next week :D I am renting my spare room out to fund a trip to Japan which will be taking place next year. \o/ \o/ \o/ SUPER exciting but also very expensive.   This entry was originally posted at http://hestia8.dreamwidth.org/70428.html.
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