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January 1st, 2016 - I'm only going to say this once
Twice, if I have to go to court

Date: 2016-01-01 23:20
Subject: Podcast recs!
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Tags:podcasts, recs
Happy New Year! I have forgotten to update about Luther two weeks in a row and that is coming, but first: podcast recs!

I listen to a lot of podcasts, not necessarily on things I am actually even interested in. I've recently started listening to fiction podcasts after ages of only listening to non fiction.

The Bugle - the best. the beeeeeeeest. THE BEST. Has been on a hiatus for a few months but should be back soon, fingers crossed! The Bugle is a satirical nonsense podcast (it's really difficult to describe it any better) hosted by Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver. It's over 5 years old and there are an awful lot of back episodes, hurrah!

Episodes 1 - 178 gamesplusone.com/thebugle/

Episodes 179 - present soundcloud.com/the-bugle

Answer Me This! - podcast hosted by Helen Zaltzman (sister of Andy) and Olly Mann, where listeners send in questions and Helen and Olly try to answer them. The show's been going for a long time and given that the questions come from whoever's written or called in, each episode is different (usually funny though).


The Allusionist - another one hosted by Helen Zaltazman, this podcast is all about words and etymologies. The episodes are pretty short so it won't take long to listen. I particularly liked the one on Toki Pona, a language invented by Sonja Lang in 2001.


The Media Podcast - Presented by Olly Mann (yes I do tend to follow people from podcast to podcast), this is a podcast about the TV and radio industry, which I am not in, but which is pretty interesting anyway (for example, there was an interview with someone from Mind about mental illness portrayals in River, which is what got me to give the show a look).


Watch What Crappens - this is a podcast about Bravo shows - Real Housewives of wherever and that ilk. I do not actually watch these shows or care about them, but the hosts (Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam) are hilarious and I don't know exactly why I like it so much given that half the time I don't have a clue what they're on about. Maybe it's the accents (particularly funny recently with Real Housewives of Cheshire starting up on Bravo).


Deep Thots - This is a pop culture podcast hosted by someone who I really liked as a guest on Watch What Crappens (NB they also do a podcast on Empire which is on the Soundcloud page). The episodes are usually themed discussions (scary movies, musicals, Christmas music) and I enjoy this one enough that I can get past the sound effects (I find sound effects really distracting on non-fiction podcasts for some reason).


This Dummy - hosted by one of the guests (or hosts, I'm not too good at distinguishing one American accent from another) from Deep Thots, this is another pop culture conversation show. I haven't been listening to this one for too long so at the moment it's still mostly background noise for me, but it's engaging enough to keep me downloading episodes.


How Did This Get Made? - this podcast is a classic by now, I think. It's an incredibly funny podcast about bad movies, and that's it really. What puts it above all the other bad movie podcasts is June Diane Raphael who is super funny. Oh, also they had Tatiana Maslany on a recent episode!


Bitch Sesh - This is another Housewives podcast, and it has only been on for a few episodes. It was introduced via How Did This Get Made? and it is pretty funny so far, although if you were going to choose one I'd go for WWC.


Criminal - Criminal is a factual podcast presented by Phoebe Judge, each episode dealing with some aspect of crime or the criminal justice system in great detail. Because there isn't an arc, each episode can really dig deep into its subject, for example police dogs or rare books or a catfishing case.


I Was There Too - I've only listened to a couple of episodes of this (and it's currently on hiatus) but it's about people who had minor parts in big movies, and it gives a really interesting and usually unheard point of view on filmmaking.


Liar City - this is a podcast about lies and liars, which is actually allows for a huge range of subjects. Some of the episodes can be a bit tough to listen to (spoiler: people are horrible) but overall it's worth it.


Limetown - Limetown is a fictional podcast which recently ended its first season (I think a second season is coming). The podcast is done in a documentary style, with the main character investigating what happened to a place called Limetown that was conducting research before all 300 of its residents were apparently killed. What happened to the residents and what was being researched in Limetown is revealed over the course of the season, and the script is very well done, with some properly creepy moments.


Mom On Pop - This is a podcast where the senior editor of the AV Club talks about pop culture with his mum, which does give a really nice twist on the 'people chatting about tv' theme present in so many of my podcasts.


No Challenges Remaining - This one is about tennis, a sport in which I have verrrry little interest. However the two hosts are so enthusiastic about their subject that I find it really enjoyable to listen to anyway.


Thinking Sideways - this is a podcast about unsolved mysteries, and my opinion on this changes almost from episode to episode as the mysteries can be silly, creepy or really fucking depressing. I know now not to listen to any that involve missing children or women because the most likely answer is that someone murdered them. Cheerful! Having said that, the creepy ones are great fun. I particularly recommend the Lake City Quiet Pills episode.


You Must Remember This

This a podcast about classic Hollywood, and every episode I've listened to has been really detailed and really interesting. Also usually really sad, because classic Hollywood was a very very strangely run place.


We Hate Movies - Another bad movie podcast. This one's been going for ages and is really funny, and some of the movies they watch are terrible.


The Message - The Message is a fictional sci-fi podcast which has finished its first season (not sure if it will be back), dealing with the research into an extra-terrestrial audio message that causes a horrible illness in those who hear it.


One True Podcast - This is a relatively new podcast about fandom, and I've only listened to a couple of episodes so far but I've really liked what I've heard. Enthusiasmgirl (enthusiasmgirl.tumblr.com/) is the moderator, and there are different guests each time (I think), discussing a different fannish topic, including Yuletide, OTPs, new fandoms etc etc).


We're Alive - We're Alive is a fiction podcast about a zombie uprising. It exists, therefore I must consume it. It has been going for about five years, I think, and so far it is pretty standard zombie story but I literally on part 2 so it has a lot of development to come.


Ru Paul's What's The Tee? with Michelle Visage - This is a podcast by Ru Paul (clue's in the name) where he and Michelle Visage talk about anything and everything and then have guests on and chat to them about whatever they're doing.


THIS HAS TAKEN ME ALL EVENING. I didn't even realise I listened to this many podcasts! However I am always looking for more and as mentioned above it doesn't necessarily have to be related to something I'm interested in for its own sake, so if you have any recs please let me know!

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