December 16th, 2005

perverse paragon ruth/harry love

I’ve got to have my way now baby

Has anyone recognised the song I’ve been using for my subject lines this week? ;)

Plans have changed for the weekend – Crishna if you see this before I’ve spoken to you, I’ll be calling you later.

So tonight I intend to make 2 Transporter desktops and one Spooks if I can think of some theme I like enough.

I posted the Spooks quiz to spooky_doings, if anyone fancies it, yes I am sad and have no life but it’s Christmas yay.

Also I’m going to play about with the new camera (finally figured out the zoom bar thing) and the software that came with it.

And I’m going to work on fic. I dusted off a load of old fic notes from virtually every file I had with notes in it (LOTS) and I’m going to be trying to finish some stuff. It was quite fun looking at the post-S2 ones because I was so, so wrong about what they were going to do *grumbles about Sam getting nothing to do…*

Have a good weekend, all :)