December 15th, 2005

I’ve set my sights on you and no-one else will do

Damn. It.

I have lost my Spooks book. Considering I’ve almost finished the quiz I’m doing (which will be posted on spooky_doings and other places tomorrow), this is annoying as I can’t check some of the answers. Also I need to finish recapping s1 over Christmas so I can get on with s2. And how can I have lost the damn thing? It’s huge!

Also, there’s a fic I want to work on but it’s over on the laptop at home so by the time I get to it, I’ll have forgotten what I wanted to add. Sldgkhlsdkhg.

In much, much better news, I have a new digital camera. Can’t remember if I mentioned this, but Serif sent me a mailshot and I ordered it, and it’s gorgeous. 5 megapixels, 4x digital zoom, 2 inch lcd screen, many other fabulous bits I can’t remember, and MINE. MINE MINE MINE. And all for the same price I paid for my old one, and Dear’s going to buy my old one from me. Get in. It is a thing of beauty, let me tell you. It is tiny and weighs about 95g. Although I left the instruction booklet at home by mistake and I can’t figure out how switch on the macro setting. Damn.

Last night, for some reason, I watched two episodes of Lost instead of going to bed early like a sane person. It was alright but I’m reading s2 recaps and fic and watching s1 so I’m getting a bit confused.

Am going to town on Saturday morning to do a quick bit of shopping, then off to Crishna’s to deliver presents and get Shakeaway (ooh, there’s a surprise). Also more shopping.

And yay, Parita will be coming down tomorrow! She’s moving to Kenya because she’s got a job but she’s back briefly so we’re going to do stuff. And Lisa’s coming too because her kid is staying with a friend so yay :)
shag (alisondoren), oh


So some bloke came in to fix some of the phones, which weren't ringing. Then we stopped being able to dial out. He says it's not him but it's a bit of a coincidence, and he's now back here, sounding like he hasn't a clue what's wrong, and he's on my damn computer. dlkglskdhglsdkhgl FIX THE DAMN PHONES!!!