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December 15th, 2005 - I'm only going to say this once — LiveJournal
Twice, if I have to go to court

Date: 2005-12-15 13:57
Subject: I’ve set my sights on you and no-one else will do
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Damn. It.

I have lost my Spooks book. Considering I’ve almost finished the quiz I’m doing (which will be posted on spooky_doings and other places tomorrow), this is annoying as I can’t check some of the answers. Also I need to finish recapping s1 over Christmas so I can get on with s2. And how can I have lost the damn thing? It’s huge!

Also, there’s a fic I want to work on but it’s over on the laptop at home so by the time I get to it, I’ll have forgotten what I wanted to add. Sldgkhlsdkhg.

In much, much better news, I have a new digital camera. Can’t remember if I mentioned this, but Serif sent me a mailshot and I ordered it, and it’s gorgeous. 5 megapixels, 4x digital zoom, 2 inch lcd screen, many other fabulous bits I can’t remember, and MINE. MINE MINE MINE. And all for the same price I paid for my old one, and Dear’s going to buy my old one from me. Get in. It is a thing of beauty, let me tell you. It is tiny and weighs about 95g. Although I left the instruction booklet at home by mistake and I can’t figure out how switch on the macro setting. Damn.

Last night, for some reason, I watched two episodes of Lost instead of going to bed early like a sane person. It was alright but I’m reading s2 recaps and fic and watching s1 so I’m getting a bit confused.

Am going to town on Saturday morning to do a quick bit of shopping, then off to Crishna’s to deliver presents and get Shakeaway (ooh, there’s a surprise). Also more shopping.

And yay, Parita will be coming down tomorrow! She’s moving to Kenya because she’s got a job but she’s back briefly so we’re going to do stuff. And Lisa’s coming too because her kid is staying with a friend so yay :)
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Date: 2005-12-15 17:16
Subject: *sigh*
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So some bloke came in to fix some of the phones, which weren't ringing. Then we stopped being able to dial out. He says it's not him but it's a bit of a coincidence, and he's now back here, sounding like he hasn't a clue what's wrong, and he's on my damn computer. dlkglskdhglsdkhgl FIX THE DAMN PHONES!!!
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