December 14th, 2005

Oh, what the hell?

Here is why I should not be allowed out unsupervised:

I went to the High Street at lunch and popped into the Oxfam bookshop, just in case I could find a book I want to get for Claire.

I came out with:

A book on Lady Jane Grey
A book on diplomatic wives
A book on the ‘floating brothel’
A book on the Rat Pack (this is for Dear)

Are any of the above the book I wanted to get for Claire? No.
Do I have space for them? No.
Am I lacking in reading material? No.
Am I a twit? Yes.

In other news, watched Hex last night. I appear to be a fan. Oh dear. Although can someone do me a favour and explain who the hell Random Tai Chi Chick was, what she was doing there and where the hell she came from? Because I was very confused. And woo Tom/Leon kissing. Nice. And I still like Thelma, and Leon…oh dear. Silly boy.

I did end up watching the end of Secret Smile, because Dear threw a strop when I tried to get her out of my room (I’m getting so funking sick of this) and I didn’t have the energy. Got my own back later though. It was shite, anyway. Boring and stupid and everyone in it was stupid and we saw the twist coming a mile off.

Crishna, are you about this weekend? Saturday? Saturday evening? Sunday? I have some more shopping to do and your presents to deliver so thought I might pop down.