December 13th, 2005

All I know is that to me you look like a lot of fun

Just a note, people. I’m about five days behind on the flist and about 2 weeks behind on comments, so I’m not being rude, honest.

So, apart from the transporter 2 thing, what’s been happening lately? Well, Friday Dear and I went to the London Aquariam, which was great fun. Then we went shopping, and then we saw Transporter 2, and then we came home and collapsed. Yay.

Saturday I stayed in and cleared up and watched a load of Monk (some on the Hallmark channel and some of my S1 DVDs). I love Monk. Also, I watched some old episodes of The Golden Girls, which is ace. Oh, and I set up Dear’s DVD player and new remote control. Go me. Saturday evening was Wetten, Dass…? And so I went round to Claire’s to watch it. Wir Sind Helden were ace, 50 Cent was mystified, Robbie’s been on it before so he was just gritting his teeth (and no, it did not make me any more well disposed to him), and then there were some Germans on it I didn’t recognise. Oh, and of course BEN KINGSLEY. And the kid who plays Oliver in the new Oliver Twist, but I can’t remember his name.

The bets were wonderfully random. There were a bunch of guys who played Beatles tunes with brooms and their friend had to guess the songs. There was a kid who could identify his cuddly toys with his feet. There was a race with a rally car and a horse-drawn carriage. And there was a guy who drew letters on a shower wall and his friends had to guess the word from the squeaky noises it made.

And yes, that is about as much sense as it made watching it.

Claire and I were figuring on Gottschalk wearing leather or red or red leather, but in the end he wore dark purple velvet. Nice. He was, as ever, THE GOTTSCHALK.

After that was done, we went up and watched some Weebl and Bob (new and old) and also some other stuff from the website (I have now seen Kenya. Yay)

Ok, so, Sunday I stayed in again and did more cleaning and computer stuff, and watched more Monk. I also watched Transporter with commentary. It’s actually quite a boring commentary, which is annoying. Not sure what else I did, except bitch about Dear with Lesley (who took me out to lunch, woo). God, she’s annoying (Dear, not Lesley).

Yesterday was mostly boring, though I did watch Secret Smile, but I’m really not sure I can’t watch the second part, because OMFG how annoying! I’m so sick of these dramas that have people acting utterly fucking stupidly just to move the plot along. Oh, and Alan downloaded Quicktime for me so I can now watch these Flash training things Chris gave me, but unfortunately iTunes came with it. Bollocks. Never mind, I’ll just pretend it’s not there.

Today, it’s quite boring here in the office and not very Christmassy, which is possibly preventing me from getting excited that it’s my birthday in 13 days omg!

Just heard this when we went downstairs for a meeting:

‘…this was all down to a single faulty urinal.’


In other news, I’m going to see Brokeback Mountain with Dear, Narnia with Lesley (yay Narnia!), King Kong on my own (boo) and Chicago with Dear, Claire, Ella and Sian (friends of Claire’s). Yes, this is because Darius is in it. What?


This first lines of the month thing:


Yes, so. Happy birthday to Claire, who won’t read this but yay! Ace person. Birthday woo.

The above quote has nothing to do with this entry, just so you know. Spooks meta.

So, did any of you who commented on my crappy formatting want to comment on the episode?

Soooo I had a good weekend, but can’t remember it all right now to write down, so yeah...

Weekend stuff soon, but first: I bought Ocean’s Twelve. Yes, the DVD has no extras and this is intensely annoying.

Woo Bromley!

^ New entry into the Han/Dear lexicon.

>>Got home yesterday and Dear had done most of the cleaning!

Clearly I should never, EVER be allowed to get the internet in my home BECAUSE I WOULD NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.

Hm. I have no idea what tape I recorded 409 on. This could be a problem.

and has Sky, Downfall is on tonight on More4 at 9pm.