November 29th, 2005

You couldn't stop a fat lady in a thin alley

Icons I want but do not have:

The angry teacher from Daria (God, what is his name?)
Alan Davies/QI (no wait, got that one)
Another R/H icon/ other spooks icons (there are some really cool ones on spooky_doings and would anyone be remotely surprised if I said I was thinking of adding a spooks icons category to my memories?)
KKBB icon of some sort (though I have made desktops)
Doyle/ Professionals icon
A Milla Jovovich icon because I just saw delgaserasca has made one.

Didn't post about the weekend yesterday, so:

Friday Dear and I watched L'Appartement, which must be the sixth or seventh time I've seen it now. Twas good. Also, it's fun watching things I've already seen with Dear as she reacts so…expressively. She kept thinking she'd figured it out and then five minutes later it was all 'What?! Huh? Who's that?'. We had been going to watch The Transporter but I couldn't get it from Blockbuster. Gits.

Saturday we went to Bromley. Actually, first, I went to the launderette for ages and did loads of washing, and read some of a book I wanted to finish (it's called Crawling at Night and it’s about sushi, among other things), and Dear kept saying she was going to work but then changed her mind just like that, which was a bit suirreal. And THEN we went to Bromley. Got some shopping, got 2 new hairbrushes, went to cinema. We saw Mrs Henderson Presents, which was very good, if a little slow (and I like slow). Still, there were funny bits, and yay Bob Hoskins, and yay Judi Dench and of course yay Will Young, he's so sweet. Go and see it, but only if you've already seen KKBB.

Saturday night we came home and watched The Transporter, (um yeah I bought the DVD *ahem*) which was great and BOOM and all that kind of stuff. Can't wait for Transporter 2. also made KKBB desktops as mentioned above (though it was quite difficult as the pictures wouldn't do what they were told). Also, Dear really fancies Jason Statham.

Sunday spent more time in the launderette and read some of another book, which is called Dancing with the Angel (?) by Terri Prone, which is rather good so far.

Then sorted out my room (but not very well because it is messy again), and…don't know. Spoke to El, and she and Chris are coming down this weekend! Friday night is the work Christmas do and I shall be staying at a hotel then coming back the next morning to make sure the house is clean then going off up to London ha ha ha I'm going to be so knackered. Anyway, squee!

Oh, also Sunday, watched Spooks 205, which is still the best episode. Dear, much like me before the R/H took over my brain, is a Ruth/Tom kind of girl :). Oh, I know what else I did, I went round to Claire's because I'd forgotten to give her stuff on Thursday! Oh good, I thought I'd lost a few hours there. And after I got home, I watched Top Gear, which I have bizarrely got really into, even though I have diddly squat interest in cars.

And last night I was very tired and I stubbed my toe on the doorframe and it still hurts. We had dinner which was yummy fajitas and then pretty much I just went to bed at 9 and slept. Tried to work out what I'm wearing on Friday. I was going for a long black skirt with silver threading and a butterfly top I have (which had disappeared and then turned up in Dear's ironing, but I don't think she actually wore it as it doesn’t fit her, though I know she wore my pink cardigan which has a detachable feather collar), but now I'm edging towards a new purple skirt with sequins and my black top with the feathered collar. Will try them on tonight.

Oh, and I did watch the first half hour of AMND, which was quite good ('all this nature…well, it's unnatural, isn't it?' YES) and that and Shakespeare's Happy Endings is on the Sky Plus ready for me to watch.

And a final thing: the office has been moved around. I now sit next to IC without even a partition to separate me from the stupid. Great. Also (so, er, not final), LTC2 is managing to complain about everything. I've heard her 'why I'm not staying at the hotel for the Christmas party' moan about four times. Dude, I don't care anymore!

ETA: Mr DeMartino!!! That's his name!
ETA 2: Thanks to delgaserasca for the Milla and Mr DeMartino icons, and alisondoren for the Spooks ones (due to the crappiness of my work computer, none of these are uploaded yet)