November 25th, 2005

This man said it's gruesome, that someone so handsome would care

So. Yeah. Last night I got to see Claire and we went for dinner to Noodle Time, and there was much rejoicing eating of food. Special fried rice, lemon chicken, sesame prawn toasts, chicken satay and crispy duck. Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum.

Then went back to Claire's and showed her the wonder of the mini shopping trolleys and other ace stuff from Butlers, which I may or may not have mentioned is a somewhat ace German shop now to be found in Kingston. Must post picture of the shopping trolley. It's the best. It's got wheels and a child seat that comes out and EVERYTHING.

Also had Kinder schokobons (yumyumyum) and watched a programme called 'Who will save the German language?' which did have some quite interesting bits, when I could follow it. So a very German evening. Made plans to try and watch Wetten, Dass…? On the 10th of…oh crap, I'm out with Dear. Claire, if you see this, aaaargh!! Wonder if I can get her to reschedule to the 9th?

Then came home, watched the end of Touching The Void (clearly, the way to get Lesley to watch stuff is to actually leave her on her own with nothing to do and not try and make her watch it) and went to bed. Woke up this morning very warm with duvet half off bed, which keeps happening atm. I must be moving about more than usual.

Also, because they're cool and Claire wanted one too:

Went for an early lunch as the server went loopy, so have been to pub and had chips. Yay! Sadly server is working so back at work.

Now going to see Mrs Henderson Presents with Dear tomorrow so will report (and attempt to do more of a report than OMG WILL YOUNG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH)

Hahahaha, A (or as P and I call him, Wanker) has been bleating about the fax machine being off for the last five minutes, and I just walked past and…pushed the power lead back in. I rule (or he sucks, whatever).

Going to rent Transporter tonight to ready Dear for seeing Transporter 2, because I am just there, people. I hope it's the good kind of trashy crap, because if it's bad trashy crap I MIGHT CRY.

Worryingly, someone at work who is not normally what I'd call attractive is looking really fit today because they're in jeans and a t-shirt because they've been rewiring stuff and setting up new desks. Ugh, my brain.

It is now hlf past four and I have been deathly bored for the last hour. Luckily I have also caught up with my emails from the last three weeks (yes, customer, as I explained to you, I ONLY DO CONTRACTS PART TIME, this is why I didn't get back to you), so I don't have to kill anyone just yet.

And finally, Claire totally appreciated the new name for my journal, should I ever get a job in the civil service. Woo.