November 21st, 2005

I must be strong, stay an unbeliever

Arrgh. Note to self: be less nice.

R is feeling ill, but we have feedback training, and my boss asked if anyone would mind swapping, because she's probably going to go home. I said yes I didn't really think anything of it, and now I am going to be in a group with IC *and* LTC2. fuck.

Right, so, weekend. Apologies to Crishna who has seen or heard pretty much all of this.

Saturday Dear and I went up to town to go to some Spooks discussion thing which came from this girl sending questionnaires out while Spooks was on (which was great fun because hey, a valid reason for yapping about Spooks!). It was some phd thing. So that was fun. And then we went into the British Museum for all of five minutes because Dear realised she'd been thinking about the Natural History Museum. So instead we went shopping and looked for a coat, which was her birthday present from me. So, shopping shopping shopping, bloody hell it was cold, and then we got back to Leicester Square where we discovered that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was indeed on at one of the cinemas (for the painful price of £12 a ticket, but hey, we wanted to see it).

So we got our tickets and then went off early to have pizza. Did not have pizza as they were too slow, and omgwtf on a Saturday night they only had 1 person in the kitchen who could cook pizza. So that was annoying. But we had starters and instead I got a massive popcorn and Dear got a massive hot dog. And then we went to see the film.

LOADS of adverts, thank you VUE. Then trailers for Flightplan (God, how much are they pushing it?), Mrs Henderson Presents (we're going to see that) aaaaaand can’t remember the others. Bugger.

Film itself was GREAT. Absolutely great, I loved it so much. Dear told me to stop laughing so loudly at one point. Loved it loved it loved it. Helps if you have a pretty sick sense of humour, which happily, I do. Yay. Also, Val Kilmer did NOT make me want to punch him, he was great (though he does have a very big head). And how can you not love a film that has a Goth Party Choreographer on the credits?

Go see it.

So we staggered home afterwards (Dear wearing her old coat and her new coat) then the train got bloody diverted to another line for some reason, so we had to get off somewhere not at home and get a bus. It was fucking cold.

Sunday was, funnily enough, cold. Got up early, went to train station, forgot phone, came back, went back to train station, got on next train. Cursed self for being a moron. Waterloo station ABSOLUTELY FREEZING (as in, it was probably warmer outside) so skedaddled to train asap. Train warm. Got to Woking and we went straight off to Kingston, where we went shopping (of course), had VERY HOT Shakeaway (and now my tongue is burnt), and I got more Christmas presents and also nice foodie bits (including mini bahlsen biscuits which are omg so yum and I need about twenty more bags NOW). Then we went back to Crishna's where she fed me a yummy beef and tomato casserole thing with cheddar mash (which is one of the best inventions ever).

Then we ventured out into the cold again and went to the cinema, which was a bit odd for me as normally there's a gap of aaaages between cinema trips. And I had my biscuit things, not popcorn.

So we went to see The Brothers Grimm and ksfllskhflkshflas. Terribly frustrating (not least seeing the bloody Flightplan trailer AGAIN). Oh, and Match Point looks crap, and is Rupert Penry-Jones in it? Because it sounded like him and it looked him from the back-of-the-head shot and I'll shut up now.

Anyway, film. Looked good, lighting a bit crap, accents ALL OVER THE PLACE, one bloke in particular chewing scenery, yay Silas (hm, that won't mean anything to anyone), yay Monica, oh, and the plot MADE NO SENSE. None. Was alright but not great. Go and see KKBB instead. Oh, and then near the end some bloke got up and started shouting at some kids to get out. I think they were throwing sweets at the screen.

ETA: Checked IMDB and yes, I did recognise RP-J from the back of his head and about three words. Um. Excuse me for a moment.


Wow. I don't know whether to be happy or sad *snigger*.