November 14th, 2005

And I'm heading for the hills again...

Soooo, apart from making two desktops (which took ages, thankyouverymuch) and then forgetting my usb stick today, this weekend I have mostly been a) trying to figure out why my jaw hurts and b) giggling hysterically.

a) God knows what happened. It feels like my jaw clicked a bit out of place then clicked back in (I used to have this all the time for a year or two). And now my jaw hurts and my right ear really hurts. Great.
b) Proper statistics tomorrow with usb stick, but the total for series 4 of Spooks was *fanfare* 62,335 words. Added to the total of 45,137 for WTD, I have written 107472 words in the last nine weeks. I did a count yesterday that had it at 109894 words, but I must have done something wrong on the WTD ones for that to come out. Odd. Anyway, yes, 107472. if I'd have done that last WTD recap that I never got a copy of, it's probably be over 110000. Wow. (also, I did a count of last year's recaps and the word count has pretty much doubled this year)

Other than that, I want some chocolate, I'm posting stuff today (er, snail mail, not lj posting – I would be but I forgot the stick), and I am trying to be organised in my ficcing/ desktop making (which means I have now have a large notebook for tv stuff in general to separate it from proper stuff). I'm also looking forward to having my life and my brain back, reading lots more, and watching crap tv again because I have time. Haha.