November 8th, 2005

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Join the Revelator, put him in an elevator

(please note, Depeche Mode School Of Lyric Writing)

I think I took stupid pills this morning. I am not progressing very far. All I have done is file and it is now 10.

Spooks stuff I have to do:

Finish 409 recap (SQUEE)
Get lj fic list up to date
Finish some R/H fic (apparently at the moment I can do anything but, which you will see when I post it)
Watch 410 (2 days!)
Recap 410
Do word count of all S4 recaps
Go a bit nuts when I've added up all the words
Finish 104 recap
Finish 207 screencaps
Try and make a list of all the aliases used in the show
Take a deep breath and try and figure out if maybe I need a break
Finish other desktop
See if my idea for a Zaf desktop will work and if I actually have the font I want (I think I prefer making desktops to icons because I can play more and make the fonts bigger)

Other fannish stuff to do:

Finish Felix/Stella fic
Decide whether or not to recap the Shakespeare things (I saw the first five minutes and it was fab)
Read all the stuff on quiteslashy. Thank you muchly to seiyaharris for the link.
Try and decide if it's worth signing up to Screen Select, as I would then be able to see loads of films but not have the lack of space problem I am facing now. Also check if they have TV stuff.

Other stuff I have to do:

Post Spooks DVD thing for hedgewytch
Post CD for Meg
Post CDs for Terry
Either post stuff for Crishna or go down and see her because I really need to get out of the house, and, well Shakeaway.
Write Christmas/birthday list for Lesley
Meet Dear for lunch and try and push her to get a job

In other han-is-really-stupid news, I almost watched Broken News last night but chose not to in favour of sitting on the sofa taking the mick out of my dad and washing up, and apparently Nicola Walker was on. I don't actually have words for how annoyed I am at myself.

ETA: I have not taken as many stupid pills as IC, because despite me explaining at least five times that we are just logging contracts from supplier X due to supplier X being crap and putting an evil clause in their contracts, she keeps saying to me 'well, we can't do anything with them, can we?'


I don't know, maybe she's trying to worm out of it…

You know, I know things are bad when I'm looking forward to meeting up with Dear in order to get away from work *sigh*. I was just asking my boss about recruitment agencies and he asked if Dear was like me because there was a vacancy here.


One last thing: I was looking in one of the free DVD junk mail magazines that came with Total Film, and apparently the 3-disc Hellboy will be released Jan 06. yeah. Thanks for that.

Or not: I've just remembered I requested some massive load of HH data last week and I still haven't received it. Bastards.

Really final thing: Dear has cancelled lunch today because she has an interview. Now THAT is what you call a result. Now I need some truffle things. To the shops!


Just realised, today is my one-year anniversary working for this company. And it's so good I've known for about the last three months I'm leaving after Christmas...

Also, half my roll kind of disintegrated at lunch. Not sure why.