November 7th, 2005

You know what would be handy? A little glass of brandy

Inflatable axe!!!!!!!!!!

Woo. Also funky keyring and STUFF. Playing cards!

Yes, I now own Kung Fu Hustle. Yay! Also I bought many chocolate things for other people, some stuff for me, magazines and the new Rasmus album and the Roll Deep album.

Life in general is not fantastic at the moment, as work is horrible. Oh well, that's why I have Spooks and OMG last episode!!!!!!!!!!!

What will I do when it's finished? (apart from fic and icons and desktops and recaps of the earlier episodes?)

(ah. Well.) Ok, so these Shakespeare things that are on the BBC this month. I might recap them (someone stop me, for God's sake). I don't know yet if they'll fit into the recapping format, we'll see. But my brain wants to.

Dear and I watched Ocean's Twelve over the weekend, and my, is it shit. It’s a really bad film. The plot, the continuity, the stupid twists, the fucking ending… it makes me wish I had a DVD recorder and an editing program so I could re-edit it into an episode of Vincent Cassel Is The Fittest Man On The Planet*.

Then I watched Delicatessen (ha, that's what I'll do when the series finishes, watch all my bloody DVDs) and it was weird. But good. And then Dear buggered off out and I phoned my uncle and explained what was going on as we forgot my cousin's birthday. And then I did a bit of recapping and faffed around watching TV.

Sunday was the shopping day, and it was woo and I got to clear my head a bit, and Dear finally cleaned her room and did all her ironing. Then she went out again, and Dad and Lesley came back. somehow I ended up watching Coronation Street again, and then later I watched Egypt, which was ok. And then I faffed about with another desktop, which is currently proving to me that spatial awareness and the ability to judge distances are not things I am blessed with. Gah.

Today I am at work and it is bad.

Also, IC is a fucking moron who seems determined to make things take three times as long as they need to.

raynedanser, did you get the Spooks fic? Do I still have the right email for you (aol)?

*a show which sadly only exists in my own head.