October 26th, 2005

I should have known every dress you own is like a gun

Depeche Mode album very good. Just so I’m clear, the following things need to go to the following people:


WTD tape and cheque


Editors album


Playing The Angel
Songs of Faith and Devotion

Anyone/thing I’ve missed? Oh, and Meg, what address is it?

Spoke to Ellie last night, and yay. She’s so sweet. She really disliked the new P&P and ranted about it for about ten minutes, lol. Twas funny. Also, we talked about WTD (I will calm down about Stella soon, I think) and Spooks (yay). Two episodes tomorrow!! Am very excited especially because 409 looked like it would kill me dead, people.

There is Adam/ Zaf fic about. I’m very happy about this :)

It’s two months till my birthday. Woo.

I have uploaded a new icon. It is Anton/Olga. I will get more time to do a load of NW icons soon.

Once I have finished this week’s WTD recaps, I get my evenings back!!!!!!!!!!! Thank GOD. *so tired*

Oh, and forgot the best thing, when I talked to El, we are going to see Richard E Grant in a play on Friday (WOO!!) and El and Chris are coming to stay! They’ve not been to my house before. So I can show them my stuff and sky and mini-London and many woo things. Yay!!

ETA 1: To clarify, it's the same as normal, one episode on BBC1, one on BBC3 - I just missed 408 (mostly) when it was on BBC3 last week.
ETA 2: I am writing Stella/ Felix (WTD) and it is killing me. Note to brain: IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE *SHORT*!!