October 22nd, 2005

Words are very unnecessary

Alright, people? I'm having a rather fab weekend.

Last night Claire and I went to Wagamama (yum), then Bar Nordic (yum yum cocktails) and then we went to the cinema and saw Night Watch. There are more problems with the story than I noticed last time, but it was still good.

Today she picked me up and we cam shopping to Brmley, where I got some Wallis jewellery in the sale :), some books in a charity shop, paid a £10 fine in the library and got a load of nice Christmassy lush stuff. Oh, and then I went to Virgin and spent £90. However, for that I got:

The Edukators (and for fuck's sake, why is 'your days of plenty are numbered' written on the box IN ENGLISH? It's a bloody German film!)
Playing The Angel - Depeche Mode (!!!!!!! I didn't know this was out...)
Violator - Depeche Mode
Songs of Faith and Devotion - Depeche Mode (er...there might be a pattern here)
Alsion Moyet - Voice (continuing the Basildon theme...)
New Order - The Singles (YAY, and I have World In Motion, which will make Claire happy)

So, yeah. Good haul. Now I'm faffing around here for a while, and then I'll stagger to the bus stop and go home.

Anyone know a website that'll give me a plot synopsis for Day Watch?