October 12th, 2005

Long and spindly death becomes me

AAARGH periods.

Bit of a random update, because I bought Heat and read the TV mags in the shop, and that always sets off amazingly useless terribly important things in my brain.

1. MORE WTD??? I love the show, really, but every week I keep thinking ‘ah, it is finished and I can relax and only have to recap one show a week’ and then NO. I really hate the BBC schedulers at the moment.
2. Oooh, new detective series! Obviously we’re moving through the decades, as Foyle was the 40s, obviously, and now Robert Lindsay is the 50s (and he’s called Jericho, apparently). I predict I will love it lots.
3. 407 on BBC 3 tomorrow. Am not going to watch it as I have not even watched 406 properly yet. Having much fun recapping 405.

Now, Night Watch (the arsing site won’t work on my work computer, bugger it):

Oh my. First off, when I bought the tickets, the woman asked me if I knew it was in Russian. Am I unusual in knowing stuff about a film before I go to it? I bought the tickets, anyway, and Dear bought the jumbo popcorn and maltesers yum.

Then when we got into the screen, there was only us. So we were all squee! We can talk! And WAH THIS IS CREEPY! And then some other people came in and ruined our fun. Only five of them, mind.

So, there was a whole sodding ice age of adverts, and then woo trailers! Loads, too, not just two like you seem to get more often than not these days. Highlights included Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (it looks funny and Dear is a mad Robert Downey Jr fan), Flightplan and Transporter 2 (!!!!!!!! YAY is all I’m saying, also Dear has not seen the first one so will try and find it on Sky for her to watch this weekend). Also there was Saw 2:

‘Ooh, let’s go and see –‘
‘I’m not going to that one.’
‘I cannot sit through that kind of thing again. Am. Not. Going.’
‘Oh, fine.’

And the frankly SHITE looking Into The Blue, which Dear said looked good, despite having godawful dialogue just in the *trailer*. Possibly because Paul Walker was in it, I don’t know.

Incidentally, here’s a website with some really good pics, including a load of ones showing how they did the effects. It’s all in Russian, though, so here are links to the individual galleries. The covers one is also worth a look :D


Cut for people who haven’t seen it yet BUT YOU SHOULD. And, er, this was a review but it turned into a recap-review hybrid thing. Oops. Rambly.

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Cannot WAIT for Day Watch. Recap does NOT do this film justice. Go see go see go see!!