September 27th, 2005

Every move that I make gets recorded on tape…


Also, HELLO Adam Baldwin.

And delgaserasca’s lj had a ‘post Shakespeare when you see this’ thing. I thought I’d quote Rimmer quoting Shakespeare instead:

‘Now...something something something.’

Am off to El’s this weekend!!! Long weekend YAY. Also, going to see Chris in a play squee!!

Dear keeps asking me what’s on tv this week so she can plan when she goes to bed early. Hopefully I should get my WTD recap done fairly quickly tonight (as I did it while watching last night – that never really works when I try it with Spooks) and then I can screencap an episode (I was going to do it in order and finish s2 but then melwil (I think) mentioned 305, and now I can’t decide). Or I might try and finish 404 to give myself a break tomorrow. And then it’ll be Thursday and then it’ll be 405. I’m not sure if I’m excited or dreading it.

Look new icon! Sad as I am to lose the Transporter one, Ruth!!! 403!!! I really must get a paid account. Then icons yay.

Managed to upload 203 and 4, only 2 episodes to go and then I can delete that folder off the stick.

What episode was 207, anyway? Was it the army one or was that 208? And did Percy have any interactions with Tom in 302? Also, do we know what Harry’s wife is called (I don’t think so)?

Someone on the yahoo!group put up a thing asking if someone could put up an synopsis after each episode. I was a bit o_O er, what exactly do you think I’ve been *doing*? But then someone else answered before me the person apologised and said they needed to read their emails more closely. Well, yeah.

Is anyone else doing the spooks creative thing? Is anyone else finding it really difficult? About ten minutes after I typed this, I managed to finish two that I liked. I’m more picky with drabbles than I am with longer fics, I think. Tis annoying. Also, I appear to have written four, not the two which are allowed to be entered *headdesk* Aargh, and the one I like most is 101 words sakfhksbjfk..

Have a stupid meeting with EDF Customer Field Services tomorrow AAAARGH. (they’re the MOP people) Thank Christ this is the last meeting I have to go to with them.