September 26th, 2005

Last night's TV

Did you watch Waking The Dead on BBC1 last night?

Did you understand what the hell was going on?

Can you figure out a logical reason as to why Boyd reopened that case?

If so, please comment and tell me wtf was going on. Thanks.

Seriously, what the HELL?

Can't think of any lyrics whatsoever

Weekend was good. Saturday I got all my clothes shopping done for winter (and got some lovely long skirts) and managed to recap 403 (see below). Sunday I was going to be online but madam was late back (and for God’s sake, if you ended up *not* staying with your friend, I don’t need to know that, you twit) and didn’t have keys, blah blah blah. So I watched another episode of The Wire (is very good) and started recapping 404. Also went to Bromley and got light for my bedroom (it has a claw and clips on to the bookcase, yay), and a new DVD box. Now I have six and no more space. I may have to have a bit of a cull of some of the ones I don’t watch, because I know there’s some coming out soon that I want to get.

And last night I watched WTD. While it was fun to watch someone else being shouty Spence, as well as Boyd of course), I don’t think I understood it at all. Why reopen the case? (thank you to eleanorb for an explanation which made a lot of sense, unlike the episode) And I managed to unplug the laptop when I didn’t have the battery in (AAAARGH) so I lost the first ten minutes of recap (I’d been recapping as watching). GAH. Still, I managed to get back up to speed so it shouldn’t take me too long tonight. Plus the parents are likely to be out all week, so as long as I can get Dear to watch Sky in my room, I can watch and recap on the big screen (plus the video machine is much more responsive).

Um, and that’s about it. Not terribly exciting, is it? Still, less exciting = cheaper (says she who has to buy Wir Sind Helden tickets and a train ticket today). Also omg 405 on Thursday!!!!

And I will upload all my pictures of Greenwich, Eltham Palace and Open House weekend by the end of this week. Honest (unless I reach my upload limit for the month). Though today I have my S2 Spooks caps instead. The easiest way to find my pics is to go here:

And look under the relevant tag. I think I’m up to 202 right now, hopefully 203 by the time I leave. When at El’s I may try and get time on their computer to sort this stuff into albums *properly*. I also might try and recap 207 at some point this week. I’m almost going to be glad when WTD finishes and I have less recapping to do (from the twelth of September to the 4th of October, I will have written 4, Spooks recaps and started on a fifth, and four WTD recaps). WTD recapse will be late next week as I’ll be at El’s over the weekend.

Also, I finally figured out how to sort the memories properly, so I’m updating that with Spooks recaps (16 in total out of 29 that have been on terrestrial TV, and 104 and 404 currently in progress – not bad, it’s only series 2 that’s unrepresented atm), WTD recaps, hustle recaps and fic. Should make it easier for me everyone.

In other news, I am astounding by the fact that I had my hair cut and thinned just a couple of weeks ago and omfg there’s so much of it! It’s still huge!