September 22nd, 2005

Got some money to spend

Have bought more Serif stuff. Photoplus10 includes animation stuff within the damn programme, so hopefully I can finally have a quick, easy to use animation thingy.

Am tired. Couldn’t get to sleep last night. Watched half of Lost because we were watching The Golden Hour, which, predictably, I loved. It was all BOOM and flashbacks and clocks and angst and sweetness and Charlie Brooks was in it :) And Josh Holloway really does get fitter every episode.

I was thinking the other day, you know, I could actually have a whole journal devoted to the food I eat. I love food. Tuesday we had steak, jacket potato and salad, which was yum, but then Lesley topped it yesterday with gammon done in the slow cooker with beans, vegetables and sweet potato. The gammon was beautiful. I said I was going to complain to the management because before 2 weeks ago, I’d never eaten sweet potato. It’s so, so yum.

Also, a number of people are bemused by my love of sausages. I don’t know why, because they’re ace.

Um, there was other stuff but my brain is a total sieve this week. Added some interests, which are mainly chocolate brands *snigger*. Also some work stuff. Because sadly enough, I am interested. It has infected me. I want to update my bio. Must think.

OH MY GOD, I know what the other thing was!! How could I forget this? Two episodes of Spooks tonight, YAY! All being well, recap of 403 tomorrow and then I will be free to hold off from watching 404 as long as possible (I believe the current estimate is 2 days). And I’m looking forward to 405 on BBC 3 next week, too.

I nearly gave it all away

I’ve bloody got Waiting For the Siren’s Call and it’s stupid lyrics in my head (‘And travel with a document/ all across the continent’, *hello* Depeche Mode School of Lyric Writing). It will not go AWAY and leave me in peace. Did I mention I went to charity shop yesterday? Bought 4 books (oops) and a load of CDs. Some pop fan had donated (or ex-pop fan, as the CDs were a few years old). Aqua, Britney, Jessica Simpson, Steps, 5ive, A1, Lolly… I got Sugababes’ Freak Like Me on CD (with video yay!) and Money by Jamelia (which also has video!!!!).

Today I feel a lot like Noodle in the Dare video. Omg must get paid account with more icon space (though is anything ever going to top this one?)

Have posted WTD ficlet to wholenineinches. Woo. Am being stupendously (ooh, there’s a word I haven’t used for a while) productive with fic atm. And new WTD on Sunday, yay!

I really am the last person on my flist to do this, aren’t I? *sigh* Is a very yay post.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. boudicca:
    I put this down because I'm interested in Roman Britain and I got a first on my dissertation, which was mainly on Boudicca. Yay.
  2. doctor who:
    I used to watch the old repeats on UK Gold, and then new series YAY!
  3. gas:
    Gas as in power supply. I work for an energy consultant and we find good prices on energy for businesses. Against my will, I have become interested. Er.. yay?
  4. hestia:
    Oh, Greek Goddess of the Hearth. Loyal, quiet, calm, stays at home and generally despairs at the rest of the Greek gods. Very few images of her, sadly, so no icon. Not yay.
  5. jean reno:
    Leon is my favourite film ever. Jean Reno was in Leon.
    Fabulous actor. Plus, French. Also in Crimson Rivers with Vincent Cassel, Yay!
  6. london:
    Big city, SE England. You might have heard of it.
    My favourite place(s). I could spend days wandering around, and plus there's shops! That open late! And public transport! (note to people who moan about it - try living in Lincoln where there is one bus an hour IF YOU ARE LUCKY)
    It's just a pretty yay kind of place.
  7. music:
    Music. Bit vague, but I'll listen to most stuff (except country music and really shouty rap, but that's because I can't understand them)
    I like pop and electro and rock and power ballads and boybands and girlbands and all sorts. Yay.
  8. roman britain:
    See 1. Just always been interested in history and archaeology, and for some reason, I always come back to Classics.
    It could have been so different if my school had let me do French and German. But they didn't, so yay!
  9. the mighty boosh:
    ahahahahahahahaha. Dear introduced to me to this. OMG the moon talks! Howard Moon and Vince Noir.
    A shaman and a talking gorilla. Bad accents. Worse songs. Somehow, still yay!
  10. wir sind helden:
    German band. Really *cute* pop-rock songs. Claire and I are going to see them in concert in November. So, obviously, yay!

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Also, a poem, because delgaserasca posted one and then it said to post one in your journal so here I am. No proper adult poems here, oh no. Instead, one from a children’s book of poetry Dear and I used to have. Possibly the only poem both of us can recite off by heart.

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*dances* Spooks is on tonight, Spooks is on tonight…