September 16th, 2005

Gonna lose my brain, gonna go insane

Look! A proper entry that doesn’t mention Spooks that much!

Ok, so I’m sitting here at my desk figuring out how I could break up bars of Cadbury’s chocolate into single squares, doubles, lines of four etc, and then use them like lego to build a little chocolate house.

Can I go home, please?

Mmm, what else? Well I set up the parents new laptop with Microsoft Office (yes, my parents FINALLY got round to buying a new computer for the office, replacing the 12 YEARS OLD AT LEAST one they had, AND they bought a laptop too, willwondersnevercease?). It’s a very nice laptop, all pristine and new-smelling and thin, plus, it has a Y key. Still prefer mine though. Tis my baby.

Managed to get 402 recap done in 3 and a half hours as opposed to 4 and a half. Go me!! *Just* got it done before 403 started, which Dear and I weren’t going to watch but then, um, we did. Oops. Is more of a slow burn than 402/2, still good, and Ruth get stuff to do. There are some R/H bits, and a priceless Ruth bit. Two, actually. God I love BBC 3. Anyone let me know if they’ve seen it so I can blather more. Unfortunately no new Spooks till next Thursday.

WTD is on this Sunday too. Sadly Elliebitch a fairly important presence so whether or not I watch WTD anymore remains to be seen. My happy feelings towards the BBC are fading a little. Also Lost squee HELLO Josh Holloway.

I have now posted 2 recaps and 1 fic at spooky_doings :) Am having a very productive month, Spooks-wise.

I have started a circle of niceness in the office. I bought Kate flowers because she was down and stressed, she bought me Lindt. I took S’s daughter’s glasses to be fixed and got Claire to write me an email to send to a German lady, she bought me Toblerone. Maybe all of us foot soldiers can be nice to one another to lessen the impact of management being gits.

Dear and I have made our lists for Open House Weekend. I’m now cross referencing them and we’re going to get maps and work out our plan of attack. One of the things we’re doing is a London churches walk :) (lots of churches this year for us, actually). We shall be very tired by the end of it, I think.

I get really annoyed when I hear people talking to other people about the databases and hinting that stuff hasn’t been done.

1. in 99.9 % of cases, YES IT HAS.

I have a headache. I want to go to sleep. My left arm hurts, I think I slept funny.

Still, is Friday. And at some point this weekend I might just get to watch the last part of Messiah 4.