September 15th, 2005

I love your friends, they're all so arty oh yeah

hey people, no Spooks recap today and I went out to dinner with Claire last night (vietnamese, was teh yum) and was too tired when I got back. However will write tonight. And next week's BBC1 episode is on BBC3 at 10.30 tonight.

And just so this isn't an EWS (entry without squee), WTD series 1 is FINALLY being released on DVD!! Hopefully the others too, soon. And I am really going to have some problems watching it with the Elliebitch in it. femalephenom, there's an interview with her in TV & Satellite Weekly. I know it's her, but it is WTD stuff.

Bought Q magazine today because of a Franz interview and album review (yay) and an Alison Goldfrapp interview. Also a where-are-they-now on Republica. Interesting.

Oh, and a little picture in one of the TV mags indicates Collapse )