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September 14th, 2005 - I'm only going to say this once — LiveJournal
Twice, if I have to go to court

Date: 2005-09-14 08:44
Subject: Fanfare please (Spooks 401 recap)
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Nearly 5200 words in this post, people. *dies*

So, if Spooks wasn’t on on Monday, I might be watching a programme with this description:

The return of this series serves to confirm that Rose (Sarah Lancashire) is one of the most irritating characters on television. Now living platonically with fellow investigator Maloney (Phil Davis), she is rightly driving him to distraction with her slovenly ways. And even before being formally introduced, she labels their new boss a ‘wally’. At least her detecting is spot-on when she and Maloney review the case of a sex offender: ‘He just isn’t reading rapist to me.’ By following the aforementioned’s only prison visitor, a complicated ‘sting’ is unravelled. *

BTW, WTD starts on Sunday. SQUEE!

So thank you, BBC. ON with the recap:

401. Squee!!Collapse )
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Date: 2005-09-14 09:02
Subject: Spoiler-ish
Security: Public
For viewers with digital/sky/freeview, there's some (frankly bizarre) Spooks stuff on BBCi page 5200. And when you go to the BBCi page to look at the weather, as I did this morning, there's a lovely Spooks pic to tell you this. I squeed.

and the spoilery bitCollapse )

it's nothing special, but does help to waste a few minutes in the morning.
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Date: 2005-09-14 09:06
Subject: Oh, and by the way
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!! OH. MY. GOD!!!!!

That was so good. Recap hopefully tomorrow.

I love this show. I really, really hope this is starting as they mean to go on.

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