September 12th, 2005

‘Get your own human plaything’

Friday night very good, much drunkenness, though not me as once again my body did the ‘drunk by 7, sober by 9’ thing it always does if I go out straight from work. Odd (but useful).

We started off in our local, which is called The Alma, which I hate saying out loud. Had lots of wine. Then we went up to town to Sushi of the Yo! Sushi lush and the company paid so I ate *loads*. I spent ages explaining what stuff was as it went past. And I made people try sushi!

Then we went to All Bar One and had more drinks, and people got very drunk. No big fights or careers ruined, though some people started running off at the mouth a bit. P called her ex, he turned up, he’s s smug git, they were being *very* friendly, then she disappeared off with him and I didn’t hear from her till 1.20. Great. All the girls were home by about midnight though, even if it was a struggle to get some of them to leave. Luckily Kate was also mainly sober so we shared the burden.

And today I am having lunch with P and she is going to have many conspiracy theories about why people in the office do mean things, and I will try and participate, even though my opinion it’s because they’re gits.

So Saturday I did not very much, spoke to P for ages as it was her call and she was talking really slowly and I had to fill in the blanks for her from Friday. Then El phoned to say thank you for their anniversary present which was from Stratford and we had a chat :D I am a sneaky present buyer (also am going down there beginning of October as Chris is in a play). Other than that, I hung around the house, cleaned my room, and then went and got my hair cut. Is v short (well, short for me, is shoulder length) and has been thinned so v curly. I love it. And despite being thinned, it still looks thicker than thick (those of you who have seen my hair will understand). Picture tomorrow, I think. Oh, and I caved in and bought S1 of The Wire so I can watch it from the start.

Then Saturday evening some of Lesley’s friends came over for dinner so that was lovely and Dear and I were making each other laugh.

Sunday we watched crappy tv, Garden State (Dear really liked it), three episodes of Black Books Series 3, and Spooks 310 (and I made sure to be doing something else while watching so I wouldn’t cry and omg it’s today). We also ate loads of junk food. Oh, we also watched Dressed To Kill and laughed at…all of it.

And today is Monday, and Spooks is on, I am at work and cannot run around going ‘SQUEE!!!!!!’ in the office. Bugger. Oh, and I have agreed to walk home with Dear three days a week. Hopefully I can convince her to dump IB while I’m at it (NB – am not being vindictive, he is being a total wanker and she is considering it but cannot make a decision to save her life).

Nobody in this office says bless you when you sneeze (except me).

Spooks is on tonight.


Quick Admin Post

This is just a quick explanation about recaps. If you’ve read them before the only new bit will be what I’m going to call the characters. If you haven’t, hello!

Right, recaps will be written Monday, posted Tuesday if I can stay up that late or Wednesday if I can’t. Hopefully now I can record Sky in my room, they should be ok for Tuesday as I can record the Thursday preview and write them over the weekend (I won’t give into temptation and post them before the episode has been on BBC1). This week the current theory is post 401 Tuesday, post 402 Wednesday, but I am a lightweight and I need my sleep so we’ll see how that pans out.

The recaps will take the same format as ever – a bit of plot, a few observations, a pinch of confusion, a couple of name misspellings, a lot of quotes and in all probability, a whole load of squeeing. And as ever, I really do want other people’s opinions on the episodes. Short, long, bitchy, funny, agreeing, disagreeing – whatever.

So far, these are the character nicknames I’ve got:
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Obviously, all recaps will be behind a cut for spoilers and length. They’ll be posted to my journal, spooky_doings and the Yahoo! Group the_grid (if it’s even active any more).