September 7th, 2005

Make it go away without a word

Watched a little bit of Marian, Again, and the daughters of the couple were called Olivia, Tilly and Esme. Yeah. Was pretty good, if incredibly funking creepy.

Lesley is a very sweet lady, but sometimes she really misses the point.

‘Have we got a spare aerial cable? I’m trying to set up my video machine.’
‘Can’t you record in Dear’s room, dear?’
‘Well, yes, but I’ve got a video machine in my room.’
‘Oh, right.’

Um, eh? There’s no point in me having the thing if it doesn’t do anything. Plus it really needs to be set up for Monday. (ETA: is set up!!! I CAN NOW RECORD SKY YES THANK YOU). So will be fine to record that show...what’s it called now?

Also Dear and I are going to watch S3 episodes this week (culminating in a marathon on Saturday with popcorn and everything) and she has been informed about Mon/Tue next week. Yay.

And should any of you care (El does, but she doesn’t read this), there’s a new series of Monarch of the Glen starting soon. I don’t watch it myself, but, er...yay?

incidentally (and I don't think this counts as a spoiler) tv and satellite weekly (the only mag to put Spooks on the cover) says that other guests to look out for are Lindsay Duncan, Rupert Graves and Jimi Mistry. I have no idea who Lindsay Duncan is, and I know Rupert Graves' name but not face. Anyone?

Also, delgaserasca posted these questions about character vs plot – not fandom specific – for a meta post she’s planning. If you’d like to help (and please do, because I want to read what she’s written) then you can answer her questions here or at her journal. Danke!

• Do you watch shows for character interactions or intricate plotlines?
• Have you ever been a fan of a character who underwent a massive overhaul over the course of a series?
• If yes, how did you feel about that change?
• Do you think characters should change over time or should they stay true to the form in which they first appeared?

Oh, good

It looks like the two-parter thing is just for the first week - I checked the RT website. I had real fears of it being like WTD - yay, I'm really into this, oh wait it's finished. Bugger.

But happily, no.

And while I'm here, does anyone know how I can stick an entry to the top of my journal? I'm not going flocked or anything, I jsut want to stick something up there.

Your famous friend, well I knew him before you

OMG!!! Spoilers

I posted a couple of fics – one S1, one S3 – over at spooky_doings. I’m going to try and get a load to beta-level if not finished because I will undoubtedly want to write more when the series is on.

Collapse )

My GOD I am looking forward to this. It better not be crap.

Also, in non-spoiler news, I just gave IC advice on what to do about contracts. Or to put it another way: I JUST TOLD THE PERSON WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE TRAINING ME WHAT TO DO ON A JOB SHE HAS BEEN DOING FOR THREE YEARS OMGWTF?

Seriously, has she been ASLEEP for the past three years???????????

Head, meet desk. I’m sure you’ll be very happy together.

Fuck, is it Monday yet?

Also I really, REALLY want the new Franz Ferdinand single so I can copy it to my MP3 player and listen to it on repeat FOREVER.