September 2nd, 2005

Spooks trailer update and stuff

Dear informs me there is a purely Spooks trailer, though from the way she described it, it sounded like just the music and then the word Spooks on screen.

I forgot to mention what normally happens: having seen the one BBC autumn trailer, I will now not manage to catch another Spooks trailer until it starts again. It's like I'm jinxed.

OMG am so excited about the DVDs. I apologise if my ramblings become even more disconnected over the next few weeks, but if you've been around for any amount of time, you'll know what to expect.


And hopefully I'll post my Goldfrapp icons later.

AND my parents are back tonight. Yay!!

Bonjour etc

Remembered what else I had to say - there's a French market set up on Sidcup High Street today!!!!! Is there all weekend and I think they sell flan.


Wow. Work, anyone?

Meme that delgaserasca did. Was fun. It’s a little bit worrying how my brain starts thinking about these things quite seriously. I apologise for the occasional brain-hurting images this one throws up. Read on at your own risk :)

Pick 12 characters, write them down before you look at the questions, then read my answers.
1. Vaughan Rice
2. Ruth Evershed
3. Harry Pearce
4. Sawyer
5. Jack-whatever-his-surname-is
6. Zoe Reynolds
7. Dale Smith
8. Sam Buxton
9. Tom Quinn
10. Adam Carter
11. Mike Colefield
12. Fiona Carter

Collapse )
Hey, this has reminded me, I haven’t done my ‘Things I’d Like To See In Spooks’ list for this series yet.