August 24th, 2005

I took my baby's breath beneath the chandelier

Did anyone watch Kill Me If You Can? Last night? Funk, that was creepy…it was about this kid in a chatroom who made up three fake identities (oh, apparently 193 in the end!!) and got his mate to stab him among a load of other crap. It was WEIRD. He was stringing this other boy along, first pretending to be a virtual girlfriend, then a gay stalker and then a woman who worked for the British Secret Service (who told him to stab, er, him). Dude, that kid was gullible.

Oh, and they figured out it was the same kid all along because he misspelled
‘maybe’as ‘mybye’. Yay for crap spelling, hm?

Annoying camera work, though…

Quote from one of the lawyers:

‘When we were teenagers, we read or book, or went to a youth club, or went to a debate…’

Went to a debate?

In happier news, Esther is coming down Thursday night, so yay time off and Esther ^_^ Being around her and Ellie really helps to reaffirm my faith in…everything, really. They’re so sweet and nice and happy. Plus, Dear cooked, and then went over to Ben’s last night so I had a nice bath and a nice peaceful evening and my head is mostly calm.

Boosh was great as usual. Love the moon.

Having fresh pasta tonight. Lovely dinner from just five minutes cooking. Woo!

Incidentally, Meg, I only got your text from Monday last night – what were you watching?

I keep opening up this word document to add to this entry and then instantly forgetting what I wanted to say. Gah. Might have been about The Killers: am now obsessed with Midnight Show. My affection for songs that might be about killing people is a little worrying.