August 19th, 2005

Celebrity news

Mark the Ugliest One in Westlife is gay.

For some reason, this has been making me giggle for the last half hour.

Dear used to fancy him. As well as Will Young. She has no gaydar.

Excuse me please, I'll be in the corner with my shiny purple toenails (thanks Claire!)
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I'm laughing at clouds

Random Friday type LJ update:

Den – sorry I didn’t text back last night, no credit. When, where, how long, staying anywhere, what to do?

Asked this question in Ran_ph_nonsense too:

When using the arrow keys on a computer keyboard, does anyone else tend to press them with the middle part of the finger – between the knuckles – rather than the tip?

Susan, have you received your books yet? I hope so...

Oh, and how I know LTC2 is a worthy successor to LTC: I find myself fantasising about bashing her head in with a stapler/ lever arch file/ whatever comes to hand. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!

Also: note to brain – 6 a.m. Claire’s. Trying to sleep. NO need for spooks fic in my head you bastard.


Esther’s coming to stay next weekend and I’ve booked time off. Woo!!

Oh, and the shop alarms thing – something is up with my work bag. I go into Superdrug on the High Street and it’s fine. I buy the liquid nectar that is Dr Pepper Z IN BOTTLES. I pay. I leave. My bag sets off the alarms. GREAT.

The first time, I went through my bag but couldn’t find anything. The second time, I couldn’t be bothered and just kept walking. This afternoon, I’m going to attempt it for a third time. Either I am shoplifting without my own knowledge, or there’s a security sticker that’s somehow got into my bag.

Have a good weekend all :D

So dark up above

As a final note before the weekend, may I just say OMFG RAIN!!!!!!!

What the HELL????

And Dear Manager,

What is the point of giving me a list if you do not keep a copy of said list. I don’t know where the funking thing is! And shouldn’t you KNOW which suppliers can do email contracts? Git.

And did I mention that Manager talked to IC and when she finishes her faffing around for the next month, I will have the power to make her do my filing!!!!!!! Apparently she was not too happy about this. Well boo hoo. This would be me NOT CARING.