August 18th, 2005

Pace yourself for me

You know what really bugs me about LTC2?

*waits for everyone reading this to say ‘everything, surely?’*

Ok, you know what really bugs me about LTC2 today? Her complete inability to take a funking compliment.

I may have mentioned this before (or rather have but in different words), but I like making other people happy. There are so many things to be happy about, and people still get twisted up on the teeny tiny things (says the ranty lady, but when I rant it usually stops bothering me), so in my small way I’m trying to change this. So if someone looks nice, I will compliment them. And it might make me seem a bit simple minded, but I can’t understand why anyone would go around looking for reasons to be unhappy.

She comes in and is wearing a nice top thing, looks like a shirt, but the kind that are fixed, don’t have buttons – I’m not describing it too well. So I say

‘That’s a nice shirt, LTC2.’

And rather than seem happy even for a second that someone thinks she looks nice, she just goes,

[frowning] ‘Shirt?’

‘Blouse, top thing. It’s a nice top.’

[no answer – unless she mumbled something]


In other news, I have so won today’s battle in the war against my hair, and I am wearing my funky butterfly clip from Claire’s Accessories too.

And I am wearing Smog eye shadow from my Urban Decay thing, and it is omg so lush. Or rather, omg so smoky and thick and kind of dangerous looking. I forgot to post a link to the whole palette thing before, so here it is:

This far I have worn Shattered, Uzi, Asphyxia, Last Call and Smog. Hm, the picture isn't very good, they're much nicer than that.

What else? Well, we remembered to record the Boosh on Tuesday, but forgot about Lost last night (ha, I’m glad forgetting to record episodes of shows you like is not just a me trait, but a general family trait). I think we’ll probably watch Lost this weekend. And Goodbye Lenin and Ladies in Lavender, I should think (Claire is coming to stay Friday). Although we’ll have to watch them on the laptop as the DVD player is still not properly connected to the TV since Sky Plus went in. I might take GBL round there tonight as I’m staying (see below).

Oh, and somehow I forgot earlier: went out for dinner last night with a depressed Dear and parents. We went to the Greek. Dear was upset because her boss keeps calling her names and insulting her intelligence, and it’s not that I’m being unsympathetic, but why would you want to carry that with you out to dinner? So her sense of humour had completely disappeared, except when she felt the need to be bitter (yawn).

Anyway, it was lovely. My dad kind of chose starters for us, but I couldn’t be bothered to complain. We had greek dips, puff things with cheese and mushrooms, octopus and calamari.

Oh my god. I love calamari. And octopus. So nice. So so so nice. Even better than scallops, and scallops done properly are amazing. I love seafood.

And then for the main course, I had Chicken stuffed with spinach that came with polenta (which I’d never had before), which was yum. Lesley had Greek Sea Bass that was cooked with herbs and vegetables in a paper bag that was omg SO nice, Dad had Moussaka and Dear had some beef thing that was cooked with this pasta rice stuff which was beautiful. God I love Greek cooking. Though apparently polenta is Italian?

And we went out for dinner because Dad and Lesley, along with Lesley’s sister and the kids, are going on holiday. For two weeks. I was all ‘YAY!!!!!! Me in house and when Dear away no-one else for TWO WEEKS!!!’ but last night I was all ‘waaaaaaaaaaahhh!! Don’t go!!!!’ I think probably because of Dear’s all-encompassing bad mood and my not wanting to deal with it for the next two weeks. Anyway, it’s ok now.

Also, Claire’ll be over at various times, and Esther’s coming to stay for a few days too :D

Oh, and finally, Mr. Nice Guy at work (I have mentioned him before, he’s the one who is nice but thinks he’s being helpful when he isn’t) is leaving, and is having his leaving do at YO! Sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY.

Also *fanfare*, I sent my first contracts out today!! And it still makes no sense!! Anyway, SQM 501, ROH 501 – 3 and BNS 501 have gone!! I am far too hot and feel slightly sick (nervous sick, for some reason) and have gone a bit doolally!!

*falls over*