August 8th, 2005

‘I thought that was a myth’

Hello, all. I am very stiff. I had a fabulous weekend, made better by the obscene amounts of bloody expensive chocolate I ate.

So Friday Dad and I watched The Transporter, which I had thought was going to be crap, because, well, it looked crap, and all the reviews said it was crap.

Was not crap. Was GREAT, if you like car chases and explosions and more explosions and a little bit of an attempt at plot before they clearly went ‘oh, what the hell? Let’s have some guns!’. The whole film is adequately described by the word BOOM! Though what was up with Jason Statham's accent?

Then we watched the end of Dawn of the Dead 2004. Oh yes, great fun.

Saturday we got up early to go shopping, and managed somehow to get to Morrisons before it opened. Yes, really. So we came back and did some tidying (because Lesley was due back that evening) and then went out again, and did all the shopping in superdoublequick time, because this was with Dad.

Came home and did more tidying/ washing (what a fun life I lead, eh?) while Dad buggered off to golf. Eventually got out of the house myself and went off to Bromley to take library books back. had pork and apple sausage with leafy salad in a roll for lunch. Was *so* lush. Yum. I love pork and apple sausages. I just love sausages.

Then I got the train from Bromley South to Victoria, and it was one of the lovely new trains with nice seats that never go on the Dartford lines. So I sat there happily reading for half an hour, and then got on the tube at Victoria to go to Oxford Street.

So first of all I started walking down towards Selfridges, managing to avoid John Lewis for a change, but then I decided to go into Debenhams and see what kind of Urban Decay stuff they had. While I was in there, this woman sprayed me with the new Matthew Williamson Eau De Parfum, and it smelt so good I was either going to buy it or wander round sniffing at my wrist all day.

So I bought it. It’s divine (and will look nice on my unit top with my other perfumes, but that’s later).

Then I found the Urban Decay thing (and have just this minute remembered some bath stuff I was going to buy as presents, damn it) and looked at all the stuff. The selection was a bit small, and it was with the hard candy stuff, but eventually I decided on this


Look at the colours. Look at the lovely, pretty colours mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

So by then I’d kind of gone over the £50, but was thinking what the heck, because this was nice stuff and I hadn’t even got to the chocolates yet. So I came out of Debenhams and made my way through the people towards Selfridges (quick note to people who feel like stopping in the middle of the pavement to kiss: DON’T, unless of course you want me to kill you, in which case go right ahead).

Selfridges was its usual self, although I did discover that there’s an HMV in the basement! Didn’t buy anything though. I got some magazines in the WH Smith’s, including an American magazine called Blender, which is pretty good, and Bunte, a German mag in which the Crown Prince of Utter Bizarreness (Thomas Gottschalk) writes a column.

And then I moved on to the food hall. I could spend hours just wandering around looking. Mmmm food. Stuck mainly to the confectionery bit, and got some Leonidas (which have all gone), some Godiva (which have mostly gone) and loads of bits for other people.

Oh, must mention the Leonidas coconut bar – squashed coconut in milk chocolate. Yum yum yum yum, and less ‘omg sugar!!’ than a bounty bar. And huge.

So, being done in Selfridges, I ventured back out and down Oxford Street, discovering to my horror that the decent cheap music and DVD store on Oxford Street was no longer there *tear*. And then I carried on allllll the way down, went into Virgin but didn’t buy anything, and then went down Charing Cross Road, and bought more magazines in Borders.

One of these was the SFX Brit TV special, which was worth every penny for informing me of the title of a kids TV show I could vaguely remember (Century Falls). HA!! Also had some articles on Ultraviolet, and a top 50 thing, and some quite funky things.

So after coming out of Borders, I walked down to Charing Cross/ Embankment and got susheh from Wasabi, and then went to eat it in the park and read, as I still had an hour before the film. And a very pleasant hour it was too.

Then I wandered up to the cinema, got my ticket and popcorn, and went to watch Kung Fu Hustle. OMG so good. Was hilarious (though felt a bit embarrassed as I tended to be the one laughing loudest) and woo fight scenes. And I love it. And when is it out on DVD? And shall I go and see it again?

Hm, so after that was done, I came home, getting a train almost immediately, which was woo. Watched Casualty with Lesley, who had landed safely (and their plane had been the last to take off because of the typhoon over there) and then went upstairs and played on laptop. Meg, made your icon in a few fonts, and then forgot to save them. The Monica one is taking forever, but I think I’ve got it now. If not, I’ve have to do more screencaps, oh joy.

And then I stayed up till 3 a.m., but never mind because I have now watched all 6 series of Red Dwarf commentaries *is ded*.

So I thought when that was pretty much time to go to bed.

Sunday Dad and Lesley went to the office, and I slept in. when they returned, Lesley and I decided to try our hand at putting together my beroom furniture. Which we did.

We decided to tackle the four drawer chest first, which, while being the smallest piece, was also the most difficult. We had it mostly okay, and it took us about two and a half hours (despite having a bit of a panic with the runners when one diagram showed the wheels at the front of the unit and another showed them at the back. luckily, we were right).

Then we had lunch, which was a yummy barbecue, involving turkey things, two minted lamb kebabs (YAY), sausages and salad and stuff. And Lesley and I nearly fell asleep in the garden, before forcing ourselves back upstairs to do another unit.

This was a two door cupboard, and probably took about an hour, because it was quite easy. Positioning it took longer (and then I had to move it because I realised I wouldn’t be able to open one of the drawers, so I had to get everything out).

So we have left another two door cupboard (which we’re doing tonight) and a bookcase (bookcase bookcase bookcase!!!!!!) and then I have the fun task of sorting out and chucking away (the deal is, she pays for it, I keep my room tidy). So I’m not doing anything next weekend.

And last night I slept so very well, although I am a bit stiff this morning.

And today? IC is being annoying, I am having lots of chocolate as I am starting contracts, and that? Does not compute with healthiness (at least today).


The woman is so STUPID. And why does she think I have an interest in hearing how crap it is for HER when, as far as we can tell, she’s doing FUNK ALL in her part-time post. And why has no-one told her that you can actually impart as much information in one sentence as in five??


ETA: With my useless boss away, the big boss has actually realised how much sodding work I do and hoe bloody useful I am. Hurrah!! They’ve been going through my database sweep, and I’ve answered every single query they have. Ha ha HA!!!! I rule.