August 4th, 2005

…Walking on my face…

^ New entry into the Han/Dear lexicon.

.(gnidaer ro gnitirw) thguoht evah d’I sa drah sa ton dnA .yllaer nuf etiuq s’tI .skoob htiw od ot gnihtemoS .gnitirw sdrawkcab dah taht yad rehto eht etouqatem a was I

Had to get that out, there. Does anyone else enjoy trying to reading backwards/ upside down, or am I just weird?

So, I’m feeling slightly more positive and less homicidal about work. Mainly because the tender team got win of the month (every month people get nominated and whoever’s done Really Good Stuff wins) so that’s an extra fifty quid, thank you very much. So I’m off up to town this weekend to buy Godiva chocolates and stuff. W00t.

Also, my boss called a meeting yesterday to discuss the tenders and started going on about how we needed to be checking the sites against the tender tracker, blah de blah…which was what I had already DONE. While, sadly, this proves he is not listening to me, I think he’s finally beginning to understand that I am doing much more than he requests/ expects.

La la la, there was other stuff but it’s all gone out of my head. Oh, I have another work person to moan about. I shall call him… Mister Superior. He’s not smug, which is a shame, because I can deal with smug, and laugh at it. No, he just has this attitude, like everything he says or does will be better than anything I can do, purely because he is a man/ older and I am a girl/ younger. I can’t funking stand him.

I have nooooo motivation today. I should be finishing off MOPs ready to hand over but there’s some really shitty stuff I don’t want to do relating to it. Will have to tomorrow though :(.

Have been looking at screencaps from the Serenity trailer. Oh my. HELLO Adam Baldwin. He might be as sexy as Vincent Cassel. Hm, let me think about that…

Vincent’s position is safe. For now.

Must get Jayne icon (also Vincent icon, but I’m working on some Dobermann ones when I can be bothered to spend time fussing with photoshop)