July 29th, 2005

Ich weiß nicht weiter, ich weiß nicht wo wir sind

AHHH!! On the BBC website where they have the new Dr Who pics there are pics of DT from He Knew He Was Right. There’s a great wallpaper of him with the two sisters So does this mean you’ll be releasing the DVD in region 2, you bastards?

Lesley is off to China today, but just for a week.

Have I mentioned the new Girls Aloud video yet? No? Right: what the HELL? Who put so much make up on Cheryl she looks like a drag queen? Why is Kimberley wearing pale pink lipstick? Does Nicola even *eat* anymore? God, it’s so bad. I can’t watch. PUT SOME WEIGHT ON!!!

Er, yes. Also, have you heard the travesty that is Jessica Simpson’s cover fo These Boots Were Made For Walking? What. On. Earth?

What else, what else? Oh, my brain has gone blank. Gah.

Whinge whinge moan moan SHUT UP, WOMAN. Jesus Christ, I don’t think she’s actually said anything cheerful or positive in the last four days.

I LOVE Wir Sind Helden (‘We are heroes’). Expect lots of German lyrics as subject lines. I think the above translates as ‘I don’t know anymore, I don’t know where we are’ and the one I used the other day was ‘please, give me just one word’. Nur Ein Wort is a very sweet song, actually. If anyone’s interested in hearing any of the songs, I can upload them to YSI?

Oh, and excellent news: they’re doing a show in London!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In November!! YAY!! (good thing I have the lyric sheet, so by November I might be able to sing the actual german words rather than making it up).

Oh, I had a thing from Serif yesterday, so if anyone’s interested in a 128mb usb stick thingy for £10, let me know.

I swear, I should not be let out on my own. Yesterday I discovered there is an Oxfam bookshop on the High Street. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know this before. Today I went in there and bought six books. SIX. I’m going to have to have another book clearout when the furniture’s done *sigh*.

Anyway, I bought a book on sociology called The Urban Experience (includes sections on France, UK and America), a book on cannibalism (yeah, I’m cheerful) and a book on Classical Politics. I got an Ian Rankin book (Watchman), a Jim Crace book (The Devil’s Larder), and book by a woman I’ve never heard of, Penelope Fitzgerald, which I got because the title caught my eye (The Blue Flower). And I really must stop buying books. I figure if I try, I can read one book tonight, and then another by Monday? We’ll see. NB: this is from all the unread books I have, not just the above.
Contracts Day is now a week on Monday. HELP! Colleague I am taking over from is so funking annoying. I mention to her we are intending to receive the things by email. She informs me that this doesn’t always work and sometimes it’s better to have them by post because then you have it in front of you (er, and everything involves more paper and takes three times as long). And this is really funking annoying because it’s funking obvious to everyone that her method of doing contract DOES NOT WORK. At all.


You know, I think there was a little while back there, a few weeks or a month or something, where I calmed down a bit.

And on that note, have a good weekend, all :D