July 21st, 2005

GAH frustration

For God’s sake, people, I check as best I can who is phoning. If they don’t give me the right kind of details about why they’re calling, I can’t guarantee you’re the right person. And no, I don’t have the funking time to speand five minutes on every call checking why they’re calling. Most people in this funking office don’t even bother to check any details, they just put it straight through to get rid of it. So instead of patronisingly telling me to check next time, a bit of funking gratitude that I checked *at all* would be nice.

In slightly better news, manager appears to be finally accepting how much funking work I’ve been doing. Thank GOD. Maybe this will lead to giving me a bit less.

Someone’s put 200 updates on the funking update sheet. You BASTARDS. Can I be bothered to do it today, though?

Also, someone else managed to change the toilet roll, but then couldn’t be bothered to put the old roll in the bin. Yeah.

Meg, I blame you for all this.

And where, frankly, has the heat gone? If I’d known it was going to be this gloomy, I’d have worn something with longer sleeves.