July 18th, 2005

Short skirt, long journal entry

So, yes, before I natter about the weekend, scariest dream EVER this morning.

I was pregnant. I had babies. I had funking QUADRUPLETS. And the father? WAS BRAD PITT.

What. The. HELL, ladies and gentlemen, what the HELL? I’m traumatised here!

Anyway, the weekend:

Friday I left work early because I felt pretty damn crappy. Went to Bromley before going home as I had to get Dad’s birthday present. In the end we got him Sharpe on DVD. Or, rather, I did, and I bought a card for Dear to give him as she apparently couldn’t be bothered.

That was the night, I think, where I watched all the Red Dwarf series 2 commentaries, which were very funny. Must buy series 4 and 6. Oh, and while I was in Bromley, for some bizarre reason, I bought Monk series 1 on DVD (I couldn’t help it!! It was looking at me!) I swear, I’m sodding dangerous. And I’ve started watching the Firefly commentaries. I love DVD commentaries. I love DVDs.

Hmm, so Saturday was Dad’s birthday, and he and Lesley went shopping early, Dear did her standard ‘I’m-going-to-clean-the-house-do-you-want-to-help-me-by-the-way-this-isn’t-a-question-as-if-you-don’t-I’ll-go-on-about-how-lazy-you-are-and-how-much-of-an-entitlement-bitch-you-are’ thing. Yawn. What’s the funking point of saying ‘I’m going to clean the whole house’ if five minutes later you’re getting someone else to do it too? Someone else, I might add, who was already doing stuff that day, which she knew about.

So, anyway, cleaned some of the house. Also did my room out. Bedroom furniture is being delivered this Friday, woo! Got to use Cillit Bang in the bathroom, and wow, it really is strong, isn’t it?

Then I popped to Eltham because we needed prawns, supposedly for the barbecue (sadly they never actually *got* barbecued), and a new plug for Lesley’s radio after she broke the last one. Yes, she broke a *plug*.

Managed to get three skirts in Select – long purple tiered one, shorter black tiered one with a red bottom bit, and a black skirt for work. Yay. I LOVE the purple one.

So, Saturday night we had sangria, and a fishy barbecue, with lots of random starters – cheesy puff things, falafel (which was boring), pork pies (which were M&S and were *gorgeous*), stuffed vine leaves (ick) and dips and stuff, and then we had barbecued sardine (er…well, the bits once I’d got rid of the bones were quite nice, but, well, let’s just say I’m not very good with fishbones). Then we had salmon burgers and tuna burgers, which tasted good but were *incredibly* weird, because they were proper burger texture and everything, and then *fanfare* scallops, wrapped in bacon.

Heaven, I tell you, heaven. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

So then we had more wine, and were talking, and we had chocolates, and more wine, and Pimms, and then brandy and bendictine, which was just yummy, and more talking, and yes. Good night. Then I played Tetris on my phone when I should really have been asleep, and went to bed about 2. Ha. Clever.

Sunday I got up about 11 and cleaned up. EW. Fish bones make me want to throw up. Cleaned for hours, basically, then did some ironing. Watched various bits of tv in the middle of it all.

Er…then dear came back, and she was tired, and bitchy, and after dinner I apparently said something I shouldn’t have done (note: I didn’t insult her or anything, but in her mind it wasn’t what she wanted to hear so I am a bitch), so massive weeping crying strop, you hate me, Claire has replaced me, IB’s the only one who understands me (Dad pointed something out here: deja funking vu!) and she ran off there like a snivelling coward because if she’d stuck around, she might have had to admit she was wrong. So that totally funked up my evening, because of course I am the mug who feels guilty about this shite. Hence tonight’s tactic is avoidance and ignoring her.

And she’s STILL funking nicking my clothes. I’m going to pin a piece of paper to all them saying ‘if you want to borrow this, ASK’ so that she can’t sit there and go ‘oh, but I’ve got one just the same and this one was in my cupboard’ when we both know that’s total bollocks. AND she’s broken the zip on one of my favourite skirts. God, she’s a funking little tramp sometimes.

Also spoke to El, which did a lot to improve my mood, as it always does. I’m going on holiday!!!!!!!!! Only a little 4 day holiday, but still :D We’re going to Stratford Upon Avon this weekend so woo :D. Must find out how long it takes to get there. And when I get back from that I must book Lille. And when I book Lille (or elsewhere in France, depends on the cost), I must make sure I have plenty of books and songs on MP3 player as I always misjudge.

So, where have I got to? Hm, yesterday evening I talked to El, played Spider Solitaire for hours, watched the Serenity commentary…yeah, done that bit. Oh, I know – Claire. Saw Claire Thursday night and got given LOADS of ace stuff. Seriously, she brought me back all sorts. Moisturiser (yay), a little pot of Rival De Loop stuff, flamingo and plam tree soaps, sweets, milka hearts, chocolate slices for sandwiches (which you will probably not be surprised to learn will never go near bread), ummmm I think that’s it, apart from the best thing ever: A C&A t-shirt that says ‘I’ll be nicer if you give me chocolate.’ And has a smiley face on it. It is the BEST. Oh, and some magazine columns written by Gottschalk.

We discovered the other night, incidentally, that Gottschalk is in Sister Act 2. I’ll leave you to think on that.