July 11th, 2005

Don't let anybody know

Ah, Dear is back:

Dear: ‘Oh it’s him from Buffy and Two Guys and A Girl [points to tv, where the total crap that is TGAAG is on].’*
Me: ‘Oh, that’s the one Ryan Reynolds is-‘ [Ryan Reynolds appears on screen]
Dear: ‘I know. And it’s him!’**
Me: ‘I know.’ [pause] ‘Yarr. Oh, and God from Teen Angel is in it.’***

*[him in this case being Nathan Fillion]
**[him in this case being Alan Tudyk]
***[God in this case being Ron Glass]

That whole sequence probably makes no sense to anyone else, but it was all we needed to say. She quite liked Ariel but wasn’t that enthused. However I badgered her into watching Spooks so I’m sure I can get her watching Firefly.

And then she threw a strop about Dad and Lesley not being back early enough, even though they got back in plenty of time etc etc . At least I come out and admit it when I’m being clingy (well, either that or she was just being all ‘I’ve bought presents!!Approve!!’). She had fun and drank a lot, and didn’t get remotely brown. Just accept it, woman. You have about as much chance of getting a tan as I have of winning the next London marathon.

I am getting a cold. I can feel it in my throat, and I have a kind of tight headache, if that makes sense. I may take a day off this week, if it develops. Kind of hoping orange juice, strepsils and strength of will can hold it off.

Rewatching Firefly tonight (but which episode, hm?) and then I’ll probably start on Red Dwarf S2. Did I mention I'd watched the last 3 eps? Well, I did. And...yeah. Brain, hello? Nope, too fuzzy. Na ja.