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July 9th, 2005 - I'm only going to say this once — LiveJournal
Twice, if I have to go to court

Date: 2005-07-09 17:28
Subject: It's getting hot in here, must be something in the atmosphere
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Am not dressed for weather because it tricked me. Why oh why did I wear my trainers?

Have tried to shop for Dad's birthday. So far: Golf Punk, Golf Punk special (I should actually get him a subscription, shouldn't I, that'd be easy) and chocolate. Not going well. Spent £25 on Wallis sale jewellery for lesley and me, bought sfx and sight and sound, and have not bought any cds, dvds or stationery. have however bought present for next year's birthdays and cards to be used at some distant point in the future.

Also have bought loads of foodie things from Waitrose - Lesley LOVED the lemon crisps, ha ha (and after she gave me such a weird look when I told her about them). Er...and am tired. That's about it. Any present ideas for a 64 year old who likes violent films, films in general, alcohol and golf gratefully received (am not getting vodka as I think Dear has booked that as her 'oh bugger I'm so disorganised' present from here till eternity).

Will be online for the next hour or so. Presuming I don't collapse on the keyboard.
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Date: 2005-07-09 18:04
Subject: I lost my faith in the summertime
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1. BYE BYE MAXWELL YOU TWAT. Didn't see it (see below) but checked the news this morning. HA HA HA I am very happy, and possibly need a life.

2. Have now watched all but the last 3 episodes of Firefly. Watched Out of Gas, Ariel, Trash and another one last night (disc 3). It's a very very pretty show, isn't it? Finally got the Simon prettiness. *swoon* And still Jayne love, even if he is a bit of a bastard (now quoting Eddie Izzard in my head OMG WHEN IS DEAR BACK? Oh good, tomorrow). Oh, and Inara in Trash (I think), when her hair was straight. Yes. Very much so. I think I'll finish the series tonight.

3. Spent some time with Lesley this morning to compensate for barely leaving my room all week. We watched The Courage of Lassie on TCM. it was an interesting experience.

4. Also watched the gag reel and missing scene from OMR. Have not yet explored for Adam Baldwin singing, Den, and when I can't find it I'll text you :D

Right, I think that might really be it now.
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