July 8th, 2005

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This is a very confused post. As some of you may have noticed, sometimes I can express whatever I want, sometimes I can express that I have no brain. If you want to read more coherent comments, try metaquotes.

So, it took me a good long while to be able to articulate my thoughts about yesterday. I spent most of the day feeling sick, even though I knew that everyone I knew was ok. And thankyou to everyone for worrying about me :)

I love London, it's my city, it's the place on earth I'm happiest, even with the noise, the mess, the traffic, everything.

The thing that has struck me the most was how well the emergency plan worked. I know a lot of people are disparaging about the security services, the emergency services, the tube staff and organisation, how well prepared we are. Well, it happened and the emergency services responded. They got people out. They helped people. The emergency plan worked.

My heart goes out to the families of those who died, and I hope with all my heart that those who are injured recover. Had the emergency response not been so quick, we’d be looking at a far higher death toll.

I’m proud of the reaction of those caught up in the explosions. I know it’s been said all over the place, but it’s a very British reaction, and a very London reaction. This has happened; let’s deal with it. There’s been a remarkable lack of hysteria and panic (though there are reports of it on the tube, but frankly I’d like to see anyone by on a tube where there’s an explosion and not panic). I was probably panicking more, safe out in Sidcup, than some of those in the centre. The footage on the tubes of people walking out, making their way out in lines, not running and screaming and shouting.

Lesley told me last night about when there was a bomb in a McDonalds in Oxford Street, and the bomb disposal guy was the only one who died because he got everyone out. The day after, most people stayed away, and the police were advising them to, and she still went to work, because in her words 'If you stop, if they affect your daily routine, they've won.'

They're not going to win. Not here.

A quick note

Crishna, if you read this, please reply or send me a text or something. I left a message on your answerphonen and I'm starting to worry. Thanks xx

Can't think of any song lyrics whatsoever

This is a post cobbled together from Wednesday, Thursday and today. As such, the tenses are probably confusing. Sorry.

HAAAAA Maxwell and Science up for eviction, and once again, where is the bad? I love this BB, comprendez?

Hav you seen Big Brother this week? Everyone hates Maxwell (ha ha HA) and he sleeps with a pair of Saskia’s knickers under his pillow*dies laughing*. Science is a wanker. I still like Orlaith and Makosi. Oh, and now someone’s told me about a debating thing that was on last night’s. And Maxwell chose Derek over Craig and Anthony so Science chose Craig and then the moron had a hissy fit.

What else? Well I watched Safe and Our Mrs Reynolds, which was fab. Best thing ever. I’m not detached enough to be coherent yet, but woo. I desperately want to watch Jaynestown *now* but the BB obsession needs feeding a bit (Meg I saw your post), and unlike certain people, I need sleep. Also, still not getting the Simon love that much. OMG watched Jaynestown last night. Loved it. Oh, Jayne.

Claire’s been in Deutschland this week, did I mention that? I think so. Anyway, she’s having a cool time, watching German TV, eating German food and buying German stuff, including stuff about Gottschalk usw. We have been texting and she seemed quite interested in Firefly :) Spreading the word already… (and yes I will make Dear watch it)

I will actually post my Germany recap very soon, btw, thanks to Crishna :D. and wow, thanks for organising them :D

And because my squeeage has been all over Firefly for a few days: I HAVE SKY IN MY ROOM!!!!! SQUEE!!!!!

And we got the Olympics, YAY. Yes I am cheerful about this, yes I am positive because Paralympics, at home, we can go oh yes. Also, Dad’s going to volunteer to be a steward :D.

Managed not to oversleep this morning.

And why it pays to read the whole of the newspaper: today, at 9pm on Radio 4, Nicola Walker is in a radio play thing. Woo! Not TV, but never mind. Might help bridge the Spooks gap a little.