July 6th, 2005

So give me a minute, a man’s got a limit

Witness Han attempt to do a post with not one, not two, but *three* lj html tags! Will she succeed?

I got a MOP letter from someone with really cute handwriting today. All the dots for her ‘i’s were about a centimetre to the right :) I gave up on dotted ‘i’s years ago, myself.

The new Oasis vid is ace, by the way. Rhys Ifans, dressed as an undertaker, doing dance routines. Wonderful. I really hope it’s on the single.

Watched 3 more episodes of Firefly, which would be, ummmmmm, The Train Job, Bushwacked and Shindig, I think (yes, I am watching them in order, Den, so if the episode titles are wrong it means I’m misremembering). Still love it. Jayne still great, though I can’t actually pick out a proper favourite character like I could with Spooks. Cappy looking better by the episode. Am working my way through the recs on crack_van, which should keep me happy for a while, but if anyone wants to rec fic – gen, het, slash, any pairing, just good fic – that would be most shiny :D

Oh, and another cool thing about Firefly – I got to play the ‘oh, it’s him’ game! Yay! (and hello, Tom Scavo from Desperate Housewives, I don’t remember you looking quite that fit in a suit).

Incidentally, because of this I went to bed at 11.40 last night. Am going to bed early tonight. Really. Only watching two episodes.

There are some gorgeous pictures of a young VC with lovely curly hair over on cassel_daily. Kdjbvdkjvbkbvkjvb. He is too gorgeous. *dies* Sadly they’re from a film that isn’t available with subtitles. Damn. It.

Had some really weird dreams this morning – woke up when the parents left, and then again at 7 – an in between was dreaming I was at some uni or other, and I had to do these exams in balloon blowing and some sort of dancing, which I was really funking nervous about. And eleanorb* was there, and then I was going to Orpington to get some balloons, and then, thank goodness, my alarm went off.

*I think this was because on my flist she made a post about how conservatives and liberals dream differently, and I had a response to one of her other posts in my head. Weird. Especially seeing as I have no idea what she looks like.