July 5th, 2005

When there's nowhere else to run

I am a twit. I ha a whole entry typed out that I forgot to save, so here goes again:

Finished two books last week - Making Love and Other Days, Other Eyes. Making Love is a great book which I LOVED. I may have to quote some bits. Other Days… was leant to me by Crishna, and was very good, but I felt like it could have done with being a bit longer to explore some of the ideas (or better still, being a collection of short stories on that theme – some of the chapters were really short stories in their own right).

Music video things:

1. Polly Harvey did a song with Josh Homme of QOTSA! I did not know this.
2. Saw Alice, What’s The Matter? Love Terrorvision, though would have preferred one of the later songs.
3. Have seen Rachel Stevens’ new song (and I won’t retype my rant about her here, except to say omgwtf her gloves) countless times, and even Jennifer Ellison’s cover of Baby, I Don’t Care twice, but no Killers videos. Not fair!!!
4. Kerrang! Is an ace channel, as long as you avoid the real LOUDROCK songs. They were showing a load of Marilyn Manson vids yesterday :D
5. WTF is up with that dog thing and the puppets in the new Eminem video?

As you may have picked up by now, I am obsessed with music videos. Have been for years. I loves my skybox.

Those of you I’ve commented to will know that I have watched the Firefly pilot. I like it very, very much. Even the beginning of the DVD menu bit is cool. So far, I LOVE Jayne and Kaylee, like the rest of them except Simon, and might possibly fancy Jayne. A bit. Haven’t decided about Cappy, as notSwindonDen put it. Kaylee is lovely, though, isn’t she?

And on a related note (SwindonDen, I think I’ve mentioned this to you before), did anyone see a kids’ SF show called Space Cadets? It was on Nickelodeon. Dear and I used to watch it, and it was very good, and Jewel Staite (Kaylee) was in it. So woo.

And a random thing that makes me happy: when you select a load of cells in Excel, if they have dates in them, it adds the dates up, so 5 x 01-Jun-05 = 05-Feb-27. :) It helps to pass the time, I suppose.

skjfajgfksjagf colleagues.

Alright, I'm off to lunch.