July 1st, 2005

You never thought you’d get addicted, just be cooler in an obvious way

Woo Bromley!

So, as of last night, I now have:

• Firefly on DVD for £18.
• Diva on DVD (yes, [Bad username: sensaes], this is because of you) for £5.99 even though there was another sticker on the box that said £19.99 ahahaha I rule.
• The Dandy Warhols Come Down, which has the song Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth, (‘I never thought you’d be a junkie because heroin is so passé’) which I have loved for years (and is now on the blob for my listening pleasure).
• Offspring Conspiracy of One which has the song I Want You Bad on it (‘Your one vice/ Is you’re too nice’) which I also love and is also on blob.
• The HMS Pinafore soundtrack (yay!!)
• A They Might Be Giants collection (‘Not to put too fine a point on it/Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet’) which I have made Claire a copy of that she doesn’t know about :D
• A book on Noel Coward and Cole Porter
• A book called The Glass-Bead Game
• A book of short stories by someone called T.C. Boyle

Also caught up with my old manager from GNC, who has now left (good for her) and works on a stalls selling belts and bags and stuff just outside GNC :D. Was good to catch up with her.

Also, Claire is a genius. I will expound upon this next week.

And boo work. Frankly, being able to type the words, ‘today I didn’t kill anyone and didn’t get sacked for having a shouting match with my boss’ and meaning them should not be an achievement. Thank God it’s the weekend. Also, my boss is no longer listening to anything I say. In return, I am not listening when he says stupid things, like that he wants me to do tender updates three months early before I do the ones a month late. Er, no.

MOP meeting was not too bad, though one of the guys really pissed me off. He kept having a go and then claiming he didn’t want to have a go. Ddsklglsdkgjlsd. Also kept saying ‘when the fan hits the proverbial’ which was really. Funking. Irritating.

Big Brother is ace, btw. I can’t decide who I want to go, but whoever it is, I’ll be happy. Am edging on Saskia right now, but I would quite happily kill Maxwell with only a toothbrush and a spoon as weapons.

All of Maskia’s little gang (not a typo by the way, Den came up with that) need a smack. I love Orliath. And Craig OMFG GROW A SPINE, BOY. Also, he’s ‘remained tight-lipped about his sexuality’??? (according to the papers) Apparently he has not said anything, but my god he’s so gay even I can tell. Oh, god, and Anthony, put your tongue AWAY you horrible slimy bastard.

I am such a reality tv addict.

When I wear my hair in a claw clip I can’t use the headset things we have because then my hair is too big and it doesn’t sit right.

I know I rarely use the mood thingies, but is there a ‘dead’ option?

I am going home now.