June 29th, 2005

Find me in the matinee

Actually managed to watch Sugar Rush last night! Was ok, if slightly annoying (but then it’s written by Julie Burchill, what did I expect?)

Wow, everyone has commented on my top. And my skirt, actually. Conclusion: I look good. Crishna, it’s that black and white top with the asymmetric line I got when I was with you, and the khaki skirt :D. At some point soon I’m going to change my cute-but-painful shoes for sandals. Yes, I have a lot of shoes that hurt my feet. Yes this is stupid. However, these are New Look ones, and I probably should have bought a 7 not a 6. Ah well.

I need another pair of comfortable work shoes, I think. Am now wearing sandals *sigh of relief*.

Oh, look, a meme. Ganked from sensaes:

1. Favourite scent: Lemons. Over the years, people have bought me a lemon meringue scented room spray, lemon cuticle cream and lemon body spray, among other things. I could inhale it forever.

2. Favourite way to relax: I don’t really relax. My brain won’t shut up (I don’t consider writing/using the laptop etc relaxing. Fun, yes, but my brain just *keeps* whirring). Though at the moment, watching Big Brother helps.

3. Favourite film you own: Oh…my God. Leon, probably, though it’s very close between that and BOTW.

4. Favourite film you don't own: Pffft…at the moment, probably The Edukators, because I did love it, and I tend not to think about films I really like until I’m looking at them. Plus between us, Dear and I own most of the films we love.

5. Favourite male film star: Vincent Cassel. Has to be. He’s just completely magnetic in everything. Any film he’s in, you just can’t take your eyes off him.

6. Favourite female film star: Natalie Portman. She just absolutely lights up the screen whatever she’s in. And she is absolutely amazing in Garden State. Her smile could knock me down.

7. Favourite book genre: Ummmm I’ll read anything. I don’t even think I can picka favourite genre. Can ‘offbeat’ count as a genre?

8. Favourite clothing store: MkOne and Matalan, because they do nice stuff and I am stingy.

9. Favourite non-clothing store: HMV/Virgin/Borders. I COULD NOT CHOOSE.

10. Favourite cartoon character: Brain. ‘pinky and the brain, pinky and the brain, one is a genius, the other’s insane, they’re laboratory mice, their genes they have been spliced, they’re pinky, they’re pinky and the brain, brain, brain, brain, brain…’ Um. I just typed that from memory. Kthxbi.

11. Favourite CD you own: Ohmigod how the hell am I supposed to choose? At the moment it’s a tie between Disc-O-zone by O-zone, Hot Fuss by The Killers and my Kirsty MacColl anthology. Oh God, and Comfort Eagle by Cake.

12. Favourite CD you don't own: I would have known this on Saturday when I was looking for some CDs at Bromley. Probably the Eels albums and, um, HMS Pinafore (because I’ve been after it for frigging ages). Oh, and whichever Cake albums I don’t own. But especially the one with the I Will Survive cover.

Er, were my answers as predictable as I thought they were?